Current Drives ElectraFin Electric Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) Video Review The ElectraFin offers Paddle Assist support for stand-up paddle boarding with electric prop power. It’s an electric prop designed to convert most stand-up paddle boards into an “ESUP” capable of ~5 mph speeds. Extremely quiet operation, highly adjustable speed settings (1-99), reverse mode, wireless remote that attaches directly to your paddle oar. Works with standard US fin boxes or slide-in designs (with adapter), built with marine parts including stainless steel screws sacrificial anode plate, solid one year warranty. Lots of cool accessories including a solar panel charger, electric air pump (for inflatable SUPs) and a deck seat.

The ElectraFin is an electric motor kit designed to convert most stand up paddle boards (SUP’s) into ESUP’s offering 5 mph top speeds with a 2 hour battery you can use it to fight wind, travel further or keep up with a more advanced friend. Standup paddle boards can be used standing or seated and Current Drives offers a selection of folding chair attachments for the deck of their inflatable board. In order to use the Electra Fin you just need to have an 8″ fin box or use one of their adapters.


Xiphos says:

Not to be a negative nancy but this video gave bad information regarding legality. You are violating State and federal law. First off I see you are at salmon bay which is a Federal Navigable waterway. Which leads into lake Washington. Why is this important? Well Under Washington state if you operate ANY motorized vessel in a federal water way you are required to have the vessel registered No mater what the horse power. That “vessel” has no state registration numbers. Also when the guy was on the board he obviously does not have any of the federally and state required equipment Such as Flares and sound producing devices. Which means you follow under Negligent Operation (46 USC 2302 (a) (b)). Grossly negligent operation is a criminal offense and an operator may be fined up to $5,000, imprisoned for one year, or both. There are multiple other federal laws and fines you are under and could face charges for violating. You also have state penalties that could be imposed. You unknowingly posted a video of you Violating federal and state laws.

Graydon Buchleiter says:

Imagine larger versions that can carry a bicycle or several bicycles…i think something could be done with that

nerdexproject says:

Definitely enjoyed this for various reasons! ;P

DrBean3000 says:

Brushed motor for reliability?

Mathieu Bouvier says:

Great info ! thank you

natrone23 says:


Current Drives says:

Thanks so much for stopping by Court! We love watching all your video and we are really appreciative of you making time to go electric paddleboarding with us!

sevenrats says:

So lets take a great physical activity and make it easier for fat lazy people. Just like electric bicycles.

SolarizeYourLife says:

So funny, turn on motor while aimed at dock…for the first time on…

Kalvin One says:

can we place a bigger solar panel fixed on us to protect us against sun and rain ? do you have all mounts for that purpose ? how many kilogrammes did you mentioned ? is that possible to bring everything with us in an airplane ? where can we buy everything in Switzerland?

Gardener Rob says:

Awesome, I’ve seen these before and they look really fun. Good to get some info on them. I was surprised how much run time you get.

hellraizer44 says:

Now I know what to get for Christmas, convincing the missus is another matter 🙂

Trevor Grady says:

nice review! keep it up

JJDiablo says:

That’s the guy from the Golf board.

Hamann9631 says:

In New Jersey where I live you are never required to have a motor on you boat. I assume the same is true of paddle boards. There are many smaller bodies of waters that ban motors or limit the power of motors.

natrone23 says:

Really great for fishing.

Mike Easingwood says:

$1800 for the Electrafin. sorry ridiculous price for tech that has been around for years.

NWforager says:

this is funny ,because i’m searching the net for inflatable SUP with motor and Cort has already made a review of 1 =) . Dude is everywhere !

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