Choosing the RIGHT Inflatable Paddle Board

Watch this before buying an Inflatable Paddle Board! Sharing the things you should think about when buying an inflatable SUP. Helping you make the right choice the first time!

$849 BlackFin SUP –
$1,484 Red Paddle Co SUP –
$599 Leader Acc. SUP –

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rivalicon says:

Great video. I’m ordering a Blackfin now. Cant wait to try it out.

Josh Harris says:

Great video like always Trip!

Tonisz Körtisz says:

Good video, I also recomend the middle range. For a hobby user, is a good choice.


Good stuff Trip! This is a great review especially for the kayakers here who have never tried a paddleboard but are curious what they are all about. It is very easy to go buy an el-cheapo and get disappointed very quickly.

Ashley Bardella says:

thank you for this video 🙂

Ashley Bardella says:

I just ordered two of the Blackfin boards. As of today they are $749 instead of $849 🙂 if anybody is interested

tommie holton says:

Did you use the Blackfin at rockadock? If so what were your thoughts on this board specifically, i.e. performance, stability, amount of deflection. I’ve been looking at this board but just haven’t pulled the trigger on it yet. Now I’m almost waiting for 2019 models to see if anything changes.

Blake Hurst says:

The red sup is definitely on my wish list, it got me with it’s weight so light and still very durable

Derek Stangle says:

Is that a cat or dog videobombing your review?

Adisa Griffin says:

Excellent video! I’m an avid kayak angler but I want to try a SUP for better visibility (don’t trust my 13 ft Vibe kayak enough to stand). This video is super helpful. Have you looked at the Sea Eagle fishing SUP?

JW Wiles says:

Thanks Trip!

Trip Smith says:

Which one is one your wish list?
$849 BlackFin SUP –
$1,484 Red Paddle Co SUP –
$599 Leader Acc. SUP –

Nate Fisher says:

Ugh decisions decisions.

Kiel Clasing says:

Great video Trip! That BlackFin is sweet… pretty stable?

Eric Marks says:

Very thorough review of the different price level inflatable SUPs and extremely informative as well.

Gregory Whitworth says:

Thanks for the shout out Trip! Great video. I have a few friends who are looking at boards, and this will help guide them in the right direction.

Will ThomasIV says:

Hey Trip, will u be taking a adventure on the blackfin soon? Hope so, that would be great to see on YouTube!

Little PAW 1969 says:

Good video.

Craig Bittner says:

Have you thought about entering a race? Competitive paddling is a BLAST! Now that the race season is slowing down on the east coast I will be heading down to FL for some off season races/paddle board get togethers, check one out sometime!

Vash Matrix says:

Great vid. Plan doing a like style vid update on the “traditional” yaks?

Robert F says:

Had to watch again. A lot of food for thought

Jeff Puddester says:

Hi i am thinking about buying a used NRS Earl 4 can you give me any info on if these are good paddleboards ?

Casandra Rubio says:

Thank you for the great and detailed review! so helpful!

Tyler Painter says:

Where is your kaku?

dml505 says:

so in other words buy the crap that makes you $$$

AttackPlan says:

Ur cat is on drugs um k.

Wes Jones says:

Great info. I will definitely be rewatching this one if I ever decide to get into the ISUP game!

Explorer Boards says:

Very good video,Bro. Well done, keep up

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