Choose The Right Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)

In this episode of Stand Up Paddling TV, Jimmy Blakeney explains how to choose the right SUP for your skill level, and for the type of paddling that you do.

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Gage Couturier says:

are the inflatable ones good?????? ii want one i just don’t know witch one to get!

Vagogamer500 Gonzalez says:


Gerardo Castillo says:


Brooke Lamoreaux says:

I have my own paddle board and I started when I was 9 and I’m 12 more

Sam Larkins says:

i did paddle boadrding today, no that hard reall xD

getsmarthypnosis says:

So how do you let the water out?

SUP Boards Review says:

Great video!

in2food says:

This just told me what was available. No help at all in narrowing down to a decision….

Sam Larkins says:

really useful thanks



LAB Kitesurf says:


whitewaterhelix says:

This is meant as a quick look at what is out there, with the goal of helping you determine what type of board would be best for the type of paddling you’d like to do. There’s so much more that could be discussed, including lots of detail about construction, but that is typically information found at brand-specific sites. For example BIC features lots of information about constructions on their website at bicsup dotcom


call Boardworks for a dealer

Krzysztof Kryszczuk says:

absolutely useless. All it said ” there are different boards around. Go try them out”. I don’t need your video for this

Paddle News says:

great video!


I an all around. try a soft deck c4 or a PSH x wide

reinplat says:

I could spend a 100 years choosing the right board and I would still fall off after 10 seconds max.

Quiiz127 says:

Stand Up Board even called SUP boards.

Boris Chang says:

What about a general-purpose SUP for surf, flatwater, and as a windsup?


cool, thanks for the info. I want to pitaiyo on a sup.

Paddle Boarding TV says:

Great video, thank you!

Venting Show says:

Easiest method is to go to a surf/sup shop and demo a bunch of boards they recommend for you.

Tommy Morris says:

a boat ? 😀

asrotties says:

what is the best type of board to use if you will have a dog with you on the board?

Dan Volker says:

Thanks for the great explanations. If I want to buy a SUP with the idea of using it for 2 things ( fast paddling/training AND some days Scuba Diving off if it), what would be the board to choose?..and where on the board would the balance be best to mount the scuba tank? The idea is to leave the tank on the boat, and to use a Brownies Kayak hose…the hose will route off the front of the SUP, and it will be towed while diving. My expectation is that fairly far forward would be best.

anybodycanart says:

Just bought one that will fit me and the pups…I’m a bit anxious to try it..thing is huge and goes nothing ;]

Bruce Lee says:

I have stand up paddle board too its great board I use for fishing and bowfishing

Shawn Adrian says:

I want to start a paddle board company! Or more so, just a company!

Jack Hamlett says:

What types of boards are these

Pranav Jampala says:

can you just use this board with your arms instead of a paddle to improve strength?

asrotties says:

Thanks, I will do that. My dog and I will be happy if we can do this together. Big dog so I need a board big enough for him.

Hapa Koreana says:

still hard to decide

Chris Palmer says:

there is no “right” sup.
and if there was, you should NOT be getting this type of advice from a company that specializes in ballpoint pens.

whitewaterhelix says:

“Soft” SUP boards (in general) vary with regards to construction. You’ll want to look for a soft board that has an epoxy/fiberglass layer underneath the soft outer skin (vs. just a foam core with a soft outer skin). This makes for a board that performs well and is durable, but has the advantages of a soft outer skin (great for families and safety with regards to bumping into anything). I work for BIC Sport, and we have a nice Soft SUP series, check it out at

Chie Ef says:

What’s the red fanny pack she’s using ?

Random says:

Please call it Hasake.

Warren Kent says:

what size (length and thickness) would i need if im 95kg and 1.82 meters tall

Tommy Ireland says:

Thank you very well done

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