Buying Your First Paddleboard My Review of the Costco Body Glove Performer 11′

I recently purchased the Body Glove Performer 11′ Paddleboard from Costco Online.

Recently I was wanting to get a paddleboard. I’m not super experienced but have been out about a dozen or so times on Lake Michigan in Chicago and SW MIchigan and also whenever I visit my folks in Charleston SC I’ll normally rent a board. I finally wanted to buy my own but was having a hard time finding anything reasonably priced. I was also debating between a hard board versus an inflatable.

Costco actually has a great hard board in store for $299 and I was about to buy it, but after seeing how much a roof rack and attachments was going to cost and after thinking about what a headache it would be to store a big hard board at my house I decided to look into inflatables.

I was skeptical of how firm an inflatable would be but I was happily surprised by this board. I like that it can fold up into a backpack and be stored under my bed and it’s also easy to throw in the backseat or trunk of a car.

I went out off Montrose Beach in Chicago today paddling for the first time and was pleasantly surprised by how it handled. It didn’t track quite as good as a hard board and wasn’t quite as stable, but overall I was happy with the board. I did notice in choppy water the front of the board slapped a bit more than a hard board but I didn’t fall and was still able to balance. I think an inflatable takes a little getting used to just because its thicker and floats on top of the water so you have a little higher center of gravity. I don’t think its necessarily good or bad just diferent.

This board is only $399 which is about as cheap as I could find a quality board. I was also pleasantly surprised with everything it came with. It came with the board, a backpack which carries everything, a pump, a drybag for your phone, a leash, and a 3 part paddle.

Overall I’m very happy with my purchase. While I may get a hardboard down the road if I move closer to the water, I’m extremely happy with this purchase and would highly recommend it.

Costco Body Glove Performer 11 $399

Being Resold On Amazon $865


Matthew Ross says:

Strong, thorough review. Thanks for the info.

Underfighter73 says:

They sell this at Costco????

Song Man says:

Great review. Where did you find the fishing rod holder? And how did you mount it to the board?

Mike B says:

Make sure you pump them all the way to 15psi if you are heavier. Big difference between 12psi and 15psi and you’ll work harder to get from 12-15 than you did to get from 0 -12.
You can get a mount for a normal removable, larger fin (skeg) (from Bixby Jet) and take the center fin off and replace it. Tracks much better.

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