Adjustable SUP paddles / The next generation review

We have probably all used an adjustable SUP paddle at some point in our paddleboarding lives. Great for learning and getting on the water for the first time. But adjustable paddles have always been a second best when it comes to more performance paddling… until now! At SUPboarder we have been using and testing adjustable paddles for a few years now and we have found a new generation of adjustables that can take on any fixed paddle in the performance stakes.


Robbie Surfer says:

Been running the Naish adjustable paddles for 2 years now, they really are perfect, I now run a lot smaller head size, I’m no slower but I get a lot less fatigued in my neck and shoulders

sky works says:

This review really made my day, I have the Red paddle carbon 3 piece and board Red paddle 12.6- 27 race. Few days ago I bought a Naish Mana 8.5 Gt and didnt know what paddle to buy,maybe Naish wave, now I know, thanks, you make great stuff !!

Google1 User says:

You confirm my beliefs I always had regarding wisdom of adjustable paddles. I almost always get the variable speed tools and adjustable items with every different product i buy. It just makes total sense. And I never liked the pin and hole style adjustable paddles. Thanks for thorough and professional review. With so many paddles available we really need the professional expert reviews to show us which are the top, better, brands and products to invest our money in so we avoid the junky stuff. I wonder if the Kailua people created a grooved paddle (release mechanism on handle) that you/we would like that as much as the Naish style with the clamp mechanism on the shaft tube??
That’s so critical having that groove so we never have to waste time and effort aligning the tubes. Thank you so much for pointing that out. Now I will NEVER get or recommend the Kailua. Hope to see more blade and board reviews by your company experts. Happy and safe padding. Tschüß, prost

feiz01 says:

Done ,,, just bought an amazing glass o’shea adjustable,,, it’s amazing

Serge Cartwright says:

Great video, as always. One other thing to consider though is the strength of an adjustable versus a fixed length. After watching this clip, I bought a full carbon Naish Kaholo variable paddle very similar to the Naish paddle in this video and on Saturday it snapped in my hands paddling for a wave. The bit that snapped is the insert part connected to the handle. Anxious wait now to find out if it’s guaranteed. It was a very good paddle.

Greg McKinnirey says:

I had the Naish Makini adjustable paddle which has the same locking system as the Naish Alana. It was a super light paddle but still took on water. I used it for surfing and broke it recently due to a hairline fracture it got whilst travelling. I still think fixed Carbon paddles are the best way to go, well for surfing anyway.

Seb says:

where could i find the naish paddel?

Geoff Sibley says:

My bad! In the video you do say that neither the Naish or Kialoa take on water.
Just need to decide on blade size now for my 75kg. Thinking 85 size might be best allround or small size in Kiaola. Then there are the RDS or SDS diameter shafts to choose from…..

Helpful video, as is the one about the Kioloa Insanity.
Do you or anybody with experience of the 2018/2017 Naish or Kioloa adjustables have any feedback regarding the watertightness?
The Naish looks great in terms of adjustability and weight but the Kioala with simple rubber gasket looks like it would be the most water tight. Just wondering if this rings true? Cheers, looking forward to ditching my alu 3 piece!

Bradle Paddle says:

Great video you should have added the Nash paddle also comes in three piece for a higher end adjustable that still fits in most inflatable sets the carbon kialoa adjustable is my next purchase

kiterJ says:

great practical info, cheers

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