Tomo Surfboards EVO Review (Firewire LFT) – Futures EA Blackstix no.152 | Compare Surfboards

If you’re on the Modern Planing Hull fence, I hope this surfboard review pushes you over the edge. This is the Tomo Surfboards EVO Review (Firewire LFT Construction) – every bit as exciting as other boards of this design, the Tomo Surfboards EVO excels as and everyday, average wave all rounder. Make sure you subscribe and never miss a video:


The intermediate to experienced surfer will find yourself performing manoeuvres that often allude you while the novices will see the EVO as an ideal platform to progress their ability.

This is a great all rounder – some say the best yet – to come out of the Tomo Surfboards / Firewire Surfboards camp.

I hope you enjoy this surfboard review of the Tomo Surfboards EVO Review (Firewire LFT Construction)!

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wires Broadband says:

I Ride a 5’2 EVO im 82KG… sensational board.

Greg Whittle says:

Nice one Ben, we are moving loads of these boards. !00 % pos feed back. Totally agree with the puddle jumper as the go to for small beach breaks. we fondly call them the “Salt water Skateboard”

Hugosurfalot says:

Hey there thanks for the review of the eco but I would love to know what size you rode on it and what you think. I demoed a 6.0 and worked great but I was wondering if I should go shorter I am 5-10 205 at 51 years old

Ricardo Schargel says:

Thanks for another great review! I picked up a vader about 10 months ago (helped by your review), back then I commented about getting used to it and liking certain aspects of it, mainly speed. Now after riding it for quite a while, I love it even more! I make sections that I wouldn’t before and after modifying my stance a little I’m doing some great turns and surfing better than ever (at age 47). It’s become my ride in all conditions board. I’m sold on the MPH design. I’m considering adding the Evo to my quiver and while it probably won’t give me the performance that my vader gives me it will be something different to “tool” with.
My question is should I stick to the same volume that I ordered my vader for the evo? In your vader review you went with a bigger board, did you do the same with the Evo?
I also went around the top end of my volume range with the vader and love it, but sometimes I think I could have gone smaller. Sounds like I need to by a couple more in different sizes! Lol!

Yusuke Kimura says:

how did you get an evo that has a different colored stripe and logo? I’ve only seen evo’s with a black stripe and logo

Offthe Lip says:

I had this board and hated it. Took it back after 4 surfs. Heard so many good things about it, wanted to love it. Just couldn’t. One thing reviewers of this board need to mention is the material is very different. It’s SUPER floaty and corky, and feels a bit slippery under the feet. If you’re accustomed to PU boards, and primarily surf PU boards (like me) this will take awhile to get used to. I didn’t have the patience for this board, got frustrated with it, took it back. Also, the shape felt weird under my chest. Maybe I’m a creature of habit and like more traditional boards. My 2 cents.

Himanshu Sinha says:

keep it up

Des.Farrell says:

Could we please get a CI peregrine review, cheers and keep it up

Benedict Spittler says:

love your video man! keep it up! could you please !! please ! make a omni vs evo review ??

Nuga Nuga Kewl says:

Have more videos of you actually surfing the board

mitch roberts says:

cheers for the review brotha! completely sold me on this board! been thinking about it for a while…got yourself a new fan/sub! Alohas brotha!

Lee Marcus says:

Ben: Thanks for the review. Can you give us your current height and weight so I can order one of similar dimension? I am about 220# and 6′ tall. Appreciate your work. Keep it up.

jmk jmk says:

I’m really curious about how the modern planing hull works and feels. I’ll pick one up some day soon. Thanks for the great review.

Torrey B says:

Benny, I assume a CI Samler review will be coming out shortly? Yeewww!

crussandrews says:

how does this compare to the puddle jumper in 1-3 ft which would u grab for small beach brreak

Ermis Anargyros Avgoustidis says:

Hi, i like to know what size you suggest for an 85 kg kitesurfer? and u think that is the best choice against vader,vanguard for kiting?


6.4″ evo any good for lamesurf for bigfatbeerlover 250lbs?or should i order FW 7.2/7.6 advance? fin setup?

Rob Wallace says:

great review which would you go for nano or evo

Glassy Bouys says:

I’ve had my 5’5 Eco since July
Overall, best board I’ve ridden.
In knee to slightly over head clean conditions the Eco is peerless in wave catching- speed generation and turning.
Down the line it feels fast but as soon as it gets on rail it bites and turns so easily.
Only downside is the deep footwells in the deck. Much deeper than any other board I’ve owned.

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