Slater Designs “Gamma” Surfboard Review by Noel Salas Ep. 46

In this episode I review the Slater Designs “Gamma” in a new technology by Firewire called Helium. I got my hands on two of them… one is 5’6” x 18 7/8 x 2 5/16 Liters 25.5 for more as a daily driver in the 3-6’ surf. The other one is a 5’10” x 18 ½ x 2 5/16 Liters 26.5 for a little bigger surf as a High Performance board in the 5-8’+ surf.

Both boards felt great in the 3-6’ surf but since we only got waves in that wave range the 5’6” board looked the best in the footage but the 5’10” felt good too. We just never got the sizeable surf to test it’s range.

The new Helium Technology by Firewire has great flex and durability and is second to nothing I have ever tested. After riding the 5’6” for roughly 4 weeks in small to overhead surf I took the wax off the board and to my surprise there was one little pressure dent that I could barely feel with my hand. Most of the time the decks are pretty well pushed in after 4 weeks of testing. With this being said the Flex and feel on the Helium Technology felt great and the durability is now setting the bar for the rest of the boards that I test.

Overall the Gamma is an excellent High Performance board that I recommend for the Intermediate to Advanced surfer. The Helium Technology will help this board to perform with great flex longer then a PU board and feel fresh under your feet.


Guy Shred says:

Support local shapers kook
When was the last time you reviewed a local?

Randy Panzarino says:

Surfs very similarly to kelly, idk if its the boards or just his style

dexterpolyester says:

Excellent Noel thanks!

Ant D says:

Noel, thanks for a great show.  Beautiful style in the water.  I was hoping to get some info:  the outline looks similar to the JS Monster Box,  your turns in the water looked similar as well.  Can you give me a few bullet points on the differences in dims (rocker, rails,N/T widths ) as well as construction (HyFi v Helium) Thanks. Ant

alejandro soto palomares says:

Hi noel, great review! was waiting this for a month, totally worth it, I have a blak box II in the hyfi construction, looking for a board for the better days, 4-6 ft hope also 8ft, So if I want the gamma I should go with the HP dims, between gamma and the V3 stealth point break surf 4-8ft, what you think? I am an intermediate, sometimes not so intermidiate. trying to improve my surfing.Very interested in your opinon. cheers from mexico.

Spasalonsupplier Sekarshopkuta says:

Joy Board for the Float on the water surface

Joey Radbones says:

Great review Noel
What is the song? I dig it

Caetano says:

Noel, best professional review on YouTube so far ! Can you say something about ride this board with 4 fins ?

David Nelson says:

Commenting on your surfing while the footage plays is genius – you should do that more. Love your reviews Noel!

Geoff Koop says:

Nice review Noel!  That board and those waves look killer!

Waxfoot says:

This is your best review yet, loved the comparison and talking through the slight differences in turning radius. Great job man

wozza77able says:

Shame you didn’t compare the helium and lft construction

David Pham says:

Noel can’t wait to see the SKX review!

bodhi tree says:

Your keeping a nice pace on those waves with the Gamma Noel. Good to finally see solid footage of this surfboard. How does it compare to the JS Monsta box in terms of drive down the line and turning capability. Do you think it has similar rocker?

Sam Birchenough says:

Great review. Would love to hear your thoughts on the JS Air 17 (and how it compares to this board). See you at trestles sometime maybe

Surfdocsteve says:

How would you compare this to the Hayden Shapes Holy Grail ?

lawson45uk says:

Wow that 5’6″ looks electric under your feet mate.. Must be one of the best ones in the last year or so looking at how it goes. I have a Chumlee and the Helium is one tech that’s got really great damping even though it’s super light. It’s nice to see the manufacturers really starting to get it right with the control of flex on the epoxies. I think of flex and importantly control of flex to be like a car damper if you just have a spring it’s returns way too fast but with damping that return of flex is controlled snd gives you good spring back that’s still controlled.. I think the big players with the Helium, carbon wrap, Hi-Fi and dual core etc are really using materials strategically placed to do a good job.. I’m stoked with my Chumlee and Carbon Wrap Puddle Jumper just wish we had waves like yours to use them in 😉 Great review as always. Really look forward to these… Super detailed and the presentation is really polished now so thanks heaps for putting your time into bringing all this great content to us 🙂

William Blaze says:

So how’s it work as a quad?

Mark Daniel says:

Back on the QS with that board Noel ! Ripping it ! Slater’s stunt double . Great review, I didn’t know you could get the gamma with futures.

Mikie Statts says:

I just bought this board because of your show and I’m stoked I did. Mahalo Nui!!

Bon Summers says:

the 5’6″ looks better in riding style

Ben Gravy says:

dude you absolutely rip!!

Abel Haynes says:

You should do a review on JS black box 2 (Hyfi technology)!

PipeLineGt says:

Whats the best surf maneuver/turn to learn after the bottom turn? (For both frontside and backside)

noah weissman says:

Great review! That 5’6″ looks solid under your feet! You should do a review on the LFT Omni. Great board with a ton of glide. I’ve been riding the 5’2″ and it has been really fun, it’s a super fast board that turns really well on rail!

Bobby says:

Yeewwww shred it!

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