SharpEye “Modern 2 Fusion E2” Surfboard Review by Noel Salas EP. 42

The SharpEye Modern 2 surfboard is such a sick little board. I tested it in 1-4′ surf as a Thruster and as a Twin Fin with a small trailer.

It is loaded with volume for great paddling and extremely fast down the line. It also has a pulled in tail and a bit of tail rocker to jam it in the pocket like a performance board.

Enjoy the full review as I break down the Modern 2 board design and the new Fusion E2 construction by Surftech. This is a great collaboration and this construction fits this board perfect.


AmirVechter says:

Great review,hell i just like to watch u surf ! Those bigger MR’s did the trick! U surfed it great Noel,and Felipe oh my god ! that guy can turn an ironing-board into a magic-stick ! great review keep em coming ! 🙂

Lew Manning says:

what all around surfboard would you recommend

Johnny Ferreira says:

What do you like better as a pure twin, This or the CI Twin, in the dual core?

UniqueStranger says:

Have you tried reversing the fins by using a larger fin in back and smaller fins on the side? The large back fin tends to give more drive.

ryan rowe says:

I dont think ive ever seen a convex bottom on a performance shortboard before. Im shaping (or trying to shape) a performance twin fin like this board but i was just gonna do a single to double to v out the tail but maybe i’ll give the convex a try. Most of the twin fins ive ridden felt a little sticky going rail to rail so i could see why he did that.

Bobby says:

Yeewwwww!!! Toledo sounds like a nice guy!

Shannon Essers says:

Sick board! looks a lot like the RNF Redux from Mayhem.

Oshri Sudri says:

One of the best review. tnx. wating for feedbak for the JS fins setup on shortboard and the review for LOST driver. bothe together will be great. cheers

Jason Hines says:

Looks good under your feet. Like a mix between a Lost RNF Redux and a CI Rocket 9. What’s your height and weight?

JRock888 says:

Hey Noel, Im wondering what the difference is between a rounder template compared to a board with more parallel rails. Perhaps you could start a video series about some of the different board characteristics i.e. tail shape, rockers, fin configurations, and so on. I think they would get a ton of views. Anyhow thanks for sharing your knowledge and expertise, it’s greatly appreciated.

Valentine Emelyanov says:

Noel Thx alot! will u make more review about sharpeye surf?
whats about game changer or disco?

daniel vb says:

wow sick that you found Filipe there to try out the board

Eduardo Souto says:

Hi, what’s the main feeling difference in between this board and the Haydenshapes Untitled one?

Andrew H says:

I think you have the best reviews on the net. We all appreciate the honesty first and foremost. There was another board reviewer out of Southern California that got super popular (often reviewed boards in front of a black background) that NEVER said anything even remotely negative or ”con” about any board. Was entertaining to watch and learn about board dynamics, but it got tiring and did little for your typical semi informed shortboard buyer.

Keep up the good work and please never let a manufacturer pressure you to only say positive things. Hope I don’t sound like a prick when I say that.

rippert says:

Noel how would you compare the lost carbon wrap to this construction? I’m skeptical about a pop out board but the price is right.

Thom Ye says:

Quick question. How is the board in regards to durability.  I find that I pressure dent my PU boards quite easily comparing that to my Firewires, they are rock solid.  Is the Fusion e2 closer to PU or Firewire.

djpipe1 says:

How u compare the modern2 and the rocket9?

Rad-Dad says:

Wow. Dig my TLPC new flyer and love twin fins – will definitely check out the M2. Silky backside 360 Noel! Great video and edit. Thanks.

UniqueStranger says:

What Channel Islands board would you recommend for the following conditions? An outside peak with 4-5 ft. faces that are slopey to medium steep that breaks into a flat spot, then reforms into 1-2 ft. face that is slopey to medium steep. I have a 5’2″x18 3/4″x2 1/4″ squash tail, high-performance, small-wave board and my weight varies between 150-160 lbs. I may be too heavy for this board. It works best for me on reef breaks and it paddles into waves best for me under the lip. I have to pump hard and plenty to get through flat spots and this board pivots in a very short space. When I frontside cutback to rebound, it happens very fast as though it happens in the same space. I like to feel the rail engage a bit more. I also have to back off a bit when doing backside snaps because it feels like it’s going to fly out if I go vertical.

bushkey says:

Board looks super fun. You had good flow on that board, looked good under your feet.

Joseph McGinity says:

Noel can you do a review of the lost pocket rocket?

Valdo van Zyl says:

Great honest feedback on the different fin setups! Wish you could get the MR Twins in Futures…

Shea Kelly says:

Nice thinking on suit + fin set up combo.

Miguel Marquina says:

Hey Noel
How does board feel under your feet as apposed to the rocket 9?

Earthling of the Sea says:

Surf n Show Reviews I totally love your channel and I had a question for you. I have been riding the channel islands pod mod (5′ 10 and about 38 liters of volume) as my first shortboard for the last year. It works great in little waves but is a little slow when it gets into bigger surf. By the way I am 5 foot 11 and 145 pounds at 13 yrs of age (still growing). I am looking for a board that I can take out in bigger surf more towards the 5-8 foot range. Do you think the channel islands fever would be a good board for that? If so what dimensions would you reccomend. If not do you know of any other boards that would be good for me? (I like Channel islands because I get a 40% discount on boards because my cousins are team riders).

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