Rusty Surfboards “Chew Toy” Review with Noel Salas Ep. 26

The Chew Toy by Rusty Surfboards is designed for Groveling on those less than average days.

The hybrid nose makes it ideal for paddling and the fuller outline will get you through the mushy sections. The board construction fits the small wave board criteria with an EPS Core so it’s super light weight, more durable, and has better flotation than your regular PU/ Poly boards.

This board is designed for progressive pocket surfing with it’s low to mid exit rocker which will help you get the traction off the bottom and in your turns.

As I rode the Chew Toy I struggled finding the gas pedal even though I tried 6 different types of fins. From a thruster set up to a Twin Fin Set up with a small trailer. As a thruster I could not find the speed I was looking for, and the Twin Fin set up with the small trailer had the speed but I could not get the traction I needed off the top for this board design.

All in all the Chew Toy did not have the WOW factor I am looking for in speed and rail to rail transition in small waves..

Here is what the Rusty Surfboards website has to say about the Chew Toy.

We consider the Chew Toy to be the ideal “step-up groveler or hybrid”, as it will handle a much broader range of waves and conditions than most other boards in those categories. Derived from our long time favorite “Piranha”, The Chew Toy features a few modern tweaks to improve the performance and versatility.


xwhite2020 says:

Thanks for being honest. I though your reviews in the past were getting a little skewed to good good good but hey, the designs these days are amazing. Good call on tail rocker, I never understood that and it explains the problem I have with one of my boards.

Adam Coyne says:

please review some lost boards.keep on rippin in the free world.

Jack Reed says:

You look more of a back footed surfer.  Would the board work better for a front footed surfer like myself?

Surfdocsteve says:

I saw you surfing today. What were you riding? Also it would be helpful if you compared this board to similar other boards you review, like the Pod Mod. Great reviews and you seem to do well on any board you ride, but the analysis is helpful for those of us not so gifted.

101unz says:

looks like your on the pod mod


Is the surf always soo good where you live

Alteration X says:

I’m about the same height and weight as you 5’10 166lbs. I’m really struggling when it comes to catching waves with boards bigger than you ride. Do you have a video on your surfing techniques?

gulfsurfco says:

Best online board reviews that I have seen. Great breakdown, explanation, and excellent demonstration. No one does it better. Keep it up Noel.

Omri Aloni says:

Awesome review as usual Noel!

BTW – Got the Large Mick Fanning’s for my Lost Puddle Jumper (5’4) and I love them! Thanks for the recommendation. Next on my list – MR Twin fin set up.

Mark Yoshida says:

That was an awesome honest review!
Nobody online ever gave a honest review until now! All the other reviewers
are so scared to upset the shaper.

Peter Slaby says:

Glad to see you are willing to call out a board you didn’t like so much. Boards are expensive these days so we need all the help we can get.

ben clarke says:

Great channel mate!, loving all the reviews you have done!!..seeing as you are now doing some rusty sticks, will you ever do any reviews on mayhem stuff?…cheers

Chris Cheek says:

Dude, you rip. If that boards not working for you, then it ain’t workin’ for anyone. It looked a little sluggish for sure. On the other hand, the Puddle Fish vid was sick, and it looks to be a go to groveler for sure. Great videos!! Thanks and Keep em comin’.

Geoff Koop says:

As always, solid review!  It’s great to hear your honest opinion on these boards.

Frankie Proscia says:

I have a question for surf n show reviews should I get this board or the js industries nitro as I’m only begging surfing but I can ride down the line backside and frontside and I’m eager to learn duck dives, big turns and get more speed, as I’m using a 7 ft board and always get caught in white water I’m only 5 ft and do you think that one of those boards would be good to progress on?? Also I’m riding 1-4 ft waves. Or would you recommend any other boards

Ole Wolsbeck says:

Love the honesty. Another great review, keep them coming

Miguel Marquina says:

Good honest review Noel, love the Beverly soundtrack as always and did that carbon strip do anything for you in terms of rail to rail transitions or flex?

ColeWorld99 says:

Noel, you’ve probably been asked bunch of times haha but I was curious where you usually surf in these videos?

Ripped Dave says:

Nice to see you reviewing boards from different brands. Keep ripping

Offthe Lip says:

Even though you didn’t click with this board, the judges give your surfing 9.75. 🙂 Thanks for the honest review.

Hineskitt Velvett says:

So what you’re saying is, I should buy a Channel Islands board right?

Torrey B says:

I was worried that you’d be partial to only positive attributes, since I believe Rusty sent you the board. Not the case! Great review as always.

Craig Steven says:

As far as carbon flex on other epoxy boards. Have you tried the carbon wraps?

Liam Rodriguez says:

you need a mayhem !!

Rad-Dad says:

Frothing on the Chew toy 😉 Rusty’s EPS boards are insanely light – Surfed my 6 year old EPS Dwart yesterday and had a super fun session. Yes, looks like a refined Piranha. Another great review video. Keep ’em coming.

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