Noel’s “Favorite Finds” Surf Gear for 2017 Ep. 44

This episode is on my Favorite Finds for 2017. Throughout the year I test a lot of products and along the way a select few become my favorites.

Even the surf in this review is from my favorite surfboard reviews from 2017 that got the Surf n Show stamp as a favorite on our website at

Enjoy this review… and if you have something that you absolutely love and you want to share it with the rest of us then post a comment in the blog below. Cheers!!!!


OT OT says:

What camera do you use to film ??

Bobby says:

Noel Salas was my favourite find of 2017!!

Waxfoot says:

Sick vid as always Noel, and as some have said below.. go on and put yourself on the line, and name your favourite board for 2017. None of the “so many good ones, they’re all good” soft pedalling, tell us which ones you ranked 🙂

ミリオンサーフ says:

I purchased Performer Neo Glass following your review and it is just great! I surf knee to thigh high most of the time and I always wanted a bit more spring out of turn for such a small wave in Japan. I am now able to drive one foot more where it was not possible with JW yellow fins. This is second time I bought something following your review. The first one was Excel thin gloves. It is also another awesome product!

Tony Wong says:

whats your height and weight bro? no homo

Mark McDonald says:

Hey Noel, I’m looking at getting a Proformance series Lost Driver. If you were going to improve the longevity of the board would you go with regular stock 4E glassing, double up the ‘s cloth’ on the deck or go a mixture of 4E and 4S on the deck? Thanks for the great reviews this year, your efforts and the knowledge you pass on is much appreciated!

UniqueStranger says:

Merry Christmas! Spinetek has just been made available for custom epoxy boards @ $130. Flexbar has been available on custom boards at @ $190. I would like to know which is more effective for overall performance, which is lighter, and which is more durable. Especially since Spinetek is $60 less than Flexbar. Thanks!

Mark Colino says:

Do you test the boards at spots other than Lowers? Mostly beach breaks where I live.

David Pham says:

Noel, any chance you can do the slater gamma or tomo skx?

Nicholas Warner says:

hey chief, love your stuff its so cool to hear you speak about how a board felt and get to see how you surfed it. Can you do a Stacey Surfboards review they are based on the southern goldcoast in Australia and they make sick boards. I have a couple by them and i think you would love the Grizzly and the Black Bear, both next level performance boards that would go great out at lowers, thwy also offer two different epoxy setups which i ride and love. thanks for all the reviews and cant wait for more. yeeeeewwww

Miguel Marquina says:

Nice. Happy Holidays Noel. I always look forward to your reviews

Jeff Holmes says:

I feel like you had more stuff last year lol
I been thinking about getting the Apple Watch but I don’t think there’s any surf apps for it still right ? I’m still using my old ripcurl search gps even tho it’s broken I just like the tide feature
I used the Julian pad on one of my boards I didn’t like how high that arch was felt uncomfortable and hard to really feel my whole foot on the pad .. I’m really like the creatures mick Eugene fanning pad and the old John John pad by astrodeck
I been using the fcs ratchet for a few years now it’s amazing
Things I found this year that I really Love is ripcurl fin wallet , the new creatures board bag
And lost carbon wrap rnf redux
And electralite pyzel stubby bastard

valmorotica says:

Noel, the lost v3 Stealth appears in the final of de video, any particular reason? Do you have a board 2017 top list? I want buy a V3 Stealth but i still have doubts, there are very much options in these days

Angelo Mei says:

Love this channel. Great reviews.Thanks man!

Torrey B says:

Noel, how does the F8 compare to the AM2?

טל זאור says:

?When are you going to review the Sci- fi

Matthew Jones says:

I wonder whether they’ve put Spinetek out there to replace Flexbar. I heard they have discontinued Flexbar because they break so easily. Especially the deck….land on it with any pressure and the deck will crack. I’ve had 2 and both decks have cracked and for the first time in nearly 30 years had decks crack underneath a traction pad. Check out some of the used Flexbars online, so many have repairs.

Sneekinabout Om' says:

What up Noel!? Sick reviews mate! Yours is by far the best review channel rolling at the moment. Really appreciate the info and inspiration! Looking forward to more stoke in 2018! EZ

nix tsi says:

What about that spine-tek Channel Island Surfboard….?what’s your take?Was it a pu or eps?Thanks!

Joseph McGinity says:

Can you do a review on Channel Islands new technology spine tec

Peace Soup says:

Nice Noel, I noticed there was a Gamma behind you? Did I miss that review or is it in the pipeline?

Rome says:

Love you works Noel!
Thanks to both you and your brother for all you hard work and bringing these reviews to our screens. Have a safe and merry xmas 😉

marchal charcharr says:

review some pyzels!

Heitor Carregal Jr. says:

Congrats for 2017 reviews, keep it going

Dwight Whiting says:

FYI I lost my iwatch using the button type watch band. Similar to the one you have on in the video. One wave it was there next wave it was gone forever. Buckle type is the most secure.
Thanks for the great reviews. Aloha

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