Lost Voodoo Child Surfboard Review

Ian reviews the Lost Voodoo Child Surfboard.

The Voodoo Child is a blend of traditional, classic and modern shortboards, incorporating the very latest bottom contours with a more traditional outline. Mason Ho likes plenty of forward glide but demands instant tail release. To achieve this Matt began with a lower than normal nose rocker, a relaxed curve through the middle and finished with a noticeable kick in the tail for release.

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Boardshop.co.uk says:

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William Eversolejbxxcgnbr says:

I have this board and its such a killer board, it does well in all surf, I have the channel island sampler and there a lot a like but just squirlier because of the tail rocker but i love this board a great board

Pablo Siesta says:

Lost surfboards are a rorte. i have a mini driver 6’4. They say they are so good in such diverse range of surf..Bullcrap! the thing has so much rocker it paddles unstably and slow,,hard to get into fuller faces that are barreling.Been trying to sell it for 2 years! that shows haw much gold coast surfers like them.! Same with this board..way too much rocker…Who cares how mason surfs? he’s no champion..Like u said yourself..ya need decent waves to get the buggers into a face early enough..i been surfing 32yrs

bodhi tree says:

YES! I’ve been waiting for reviews of this board to come out. Only thing to decide now is PU or Carbon wrap?

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