Lost Surfboards “Voodoo Child” Review with Noel Salas Ep. 31

The Voodoo Child by Lost Surfboards is a really fun and versatile board. I reviewed it in two different constructions, one in the EPS Carbon Wrap, and the other in Polyurethane foam core.

Both of these boards felt really good in the 2-4+ surf we got for this review. The Carbon Wrap felt very lively under my feet with a lot of spring in and out of turns and down the line. The PU felt solid and predictable on every wave I caught.

The Voodoo Child can be ridden in 2-6 foot surf because of the aggressive tail rocker. It drives off the bottom very well, with exceptional speed and control.

Both boards were epic and I am sorry the review is over because these board goes good!!

Here is what Lost surfboards has to say about the Voodoo Child:

The “ VOODOO CHILD “ …Mason Ho’s first ever Pro Model. Designed with creative input and vision from the freewheeling, freethinking freesurfer… Mason Ho. The “VooDoo Child” is Mason’s mash-up of classic and current performance surfboard characteristics. Mason likes effortless forward glide projecting from his front foot, but demands quick and loose release off the tail. To do this we started with a lower than typical nose rocker, a relaxed curve through the center and a healthy kick in the tail.

The VooDoo Child features a modern, cutting edge, high performance, concave hull. There is a generous single and double concave cutting through curvy rail rocker, with the deepest concave being through the fins, directly under the rear foot. These elements work together to easily generate speed, and whip tight radius carves, still allowing controlled release for tail free surfing. Other elements include a more noticeably parallel outline through the center (for drive) that blends rapidly into a pulled in nose tip. There is a noticeable bump/hip into a wide squash tail, which encourages quick, angular surfing and harkens back to some classic lines from late 80’s design ethos.

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bodhi tree says:

YES! waited so long for this review. How does the voodoo child compare to the CI black and white. Also how does the sampler compare to the weirdo ripper in terms of performance, if you have ridden a WR. Great review.

Valdo van Zyl says:

Nice one Noel! Round nose fish redux next in the lost board range please! I want to compare to the CI twin – can’t decide!!

Jack Stark says:

Or possibly a review on the firewire skx?

Craig Steven says:

Dear Mr Salas. When I bought my carbon wrap, I ended buying some fins aswell. The dude in the shop was telling me that the fcs sales rep likes the Julian fins or may have just been stiffer fins in general in epoxy boards. I know u choose your fins more flex small waves and stiffer fins bigger or more powerful waves.. so my question is could this fcs rep like stiff fins in say a carbon wrap because you already have the load up spring from the board and may not need more spring from the fins? It’s kreeg

bushkey says:

Perfect Review Bro. Real consistent view point on PU vs epoxy, and especially the Carbon Wrap. I’m a huge fan and believer in the Carbon Wrap for smaller weaker waves. Pu for the juice to knife turns. Keep em coming!

Jack Stark says:

Could you review the Lost pocket rocket?

Catch the Wave says:

From the video I definitely like the way the PU looks as it cuts through the water more so than the Carbon Wrap.

Caetano says:

Nice show Noel! In my point of view you were surfing better with Epoxy, maybe we still attached at PU boards due we been used them for ages … I prefer Epoxy as I have a sci-fi but now FW is coming with Gamma which is a mix of all … I would like to see your review about Gamma and Sci-fi

daniel vb says:

how siimilar is this board to the monsta box? I see they got almost exact the same stock dims, but the vodoo child still has more liters of volume

Vaughan Heilman says:

another great review, thank you!
Sli off topic, but I’m currently riding med fins (5’10 180 42yoa…and not in as good of shape), and am surprised at the size fins for your body weight. Do you think I’m missing something by not trying larger fins? I surf in OBX, so think dumpy beach break when there’s any size. Currently on a 5’6 Omni or 6’0 Rooster with FCS purple…high intermediate skill…tend to flow on forehand and get more aggressive backside. Thanks for any thoughts/advice!

Geoff Koop says:

Solid review! Looks like a good board!

Sergio De Anda says:

nice review! which if all the EPS boards that you have reviewed do you like the best?

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