Lost “Puddle Fish” Surfboard Review by Noel Salas Ep.38

The Lost Puddle Fish board is very fun in 1-3 waves. It’s fast, ultra responsive, and it has the traction I like in small waves.

When we I started testing this board for this review the waves were really small, (1-2) and I needed motivation to get out there and surf. We had a 3 week dry spell for waves and this little 5’2″ Puddle Fish made it fun and manageable.

As the waves picked up I continued to ride it in 3-4 surf just to see how it could handle a little size and to my surprise it went good. Most of the time Fish type boards like this for me have a tendency to slide out and be a bit unpredictable in turns. This board has great traction and control because of the tail design along with the release channel.

I also enjoyed this board in the Carbon Wrap technology. The EPS foam core has good buoyancy for paddling and is very lively under foot. The flex characteristics in the Carbon Wrap Technology is spot on for small wave boards and I am a huge fan.

Get yourself a Puddle Fish for the small meager days to keep you sessions fun. Cheers!!!


craig miera says:

best reviewer out there right now. Hope to see you on a Tomo SKX soon.

The Sprout House says:

Hi Noel, Great vid. Would be interested to hear you compare the Puddle Fish to the Puddle Jumper and which you prefer better. Thanks!

E Dawg says:

How does it compare with the Gofish? Which would you prefer as a small wave board?

Michael Pemberton says:

I’ve got an original squash tail puddle jumper in carbon wrap and it’s my best board ever. I’d be interested to see you review that board as it is from the same family but a different feel I guess. I’d love to see what you would think was the funniest out of the two. Your doing a great job!!!

Mike Doom says:

Hi mate, thoroughly enjoy your reviews. Always really well explained and loved the straight edge on the bottom to show the concaves – please keep this feature.

Shannon Essers says:

Flat spells? Those waves look like so much fun! I wish our flat spells looked like that. When its flat in cape town, it’s F.L.A.T!!!

Blade Runner says:

Nice review, ..when we see the 2017 DRIVER, and the Pocket Rocket …thanks Noel.

יכין ינקלביץ says:

Great surfing Noel
How about puddle fish vs go fish
And sci fi vs untiteld please

Chris Bruynzeel says:

Looks like a fun board… Another great review! Have you ever tried Roberts surfboards Metamorph?

Rad-Dad says:

The ultimate Groveler. Lost boards seem to always go really well. Another great review!

Thomas V. says:

Dude, these video’s are the best! I’m not even interested in the board, just came here for the surfing 😉 Shaka bra!

vanislandsurf says:

You seem to prefer this over the Firewire Go Fish. Can you speak to the differences between the two boards a bit and how that relates to performance in the water.

Peace Soup says:

Hey Noel thinking about picking me up one of these, just wondering did you go with your standard dims or more towards your groveler dims? thanks man.

Joshua Cain says:

Noel, It seems like this fish design suited your surfing better than the firewire go fish. Would you say that’s true? I am looking for a new fish type board to replace an old 5’6″ foiled out twin I have and I am torn between the two. I have had firewires and lost boards in the past and have been happy with both. You and I have similar builds and surfing styles. Let me know, Thanks.

Catch the Wave says:

Another awesome review, didn’t want the review to end; It was fun watching the board perform in different wave conditions.
I also have the 5’2 in PU but I now feel that 5’1 would’ve been perfect for me since I am much lighter in weight — I’am also learning my dims so its part of the process – but still loving the board.

PS: Will you update the HS Untitled in bigger surf conditions? Just curious, thanks.

Jean-Simon Lamarre says:

Any idea if/when that board will be made in lib tech like the Puddle Jumper?

PartyParker3512 says:

any plans on doing the torsion spring tech from rusty? the concept sounds super interesting

Hit Markers says:

could u do a video about the baby buggy or the poket roket by lost and talk about the tech lost have ?

Sea Monkey says:

Just got one of these boards also in Carbon Wrap. Took it out the third time on Saturday and it broke in half. Bummed. Waves were only 2-3 ft. I thought the epoxy/carbon wrap combo would have been a lot more durable.

Nico says:

How am I supposed to make up my mind about a board from a guy who surfs so well 🙂 Looks like they all do the job! Jokes aside, great videos man, thanks for sharing your thoughts about these models. The Puddle fish looks like a great board. Might pull the trigger on this one at some point.

Surfdocsteve says:

How would you compare this board to the Pod Mod or the Psycho Nitro. I have those boards already, but maybe this one would be better?

Jlevorin says:

Just tested my v3 stealth in quad.Its goes fast, liked it very much.

IrieAdventures says:

Is there any way you could give me the time stamps of the clips where you are riding it as a thruster, if any were featured?

This board looks very good on top turns, but it looks as if you are having to be pretty tentative off the bottom and at times it seems to be bouncing a lot, I know fish are known to be this way, but I’d be interested to hear more of your input specifically on how this board bottoms turns and how the fin setup effected that!

Thanks for creating such an awesome channel!

AJ J says:

Love your reviews Noel but honestly I think you could surf a door and still do quality power turns..bit tougher for the many Joes of us out there!

Chasingwaves says:

Sick !!!!

j T says:

Hi have you tried the lost sub buggy lib tech construction, if so is it any good

Inky gamer9 says:

could you do a channel islands fred rubble review

Valdo van Zyl says:

Putting you in a tight spot Noel, but which construction do you prefer? Future flex or Carbon wrap?

josh says:

Hi Team
For a 6foot, 70kg (155 pound) surfer who is looking for their first board after a foamie, and wants to have fun in 1-4 foot waves, would you recommend this board or a christensen fish? Was considering a 5’10 fish, but this board looks great for summer fun. Surfing Bondi, Sydney. Thanks alot

Hineskitt Velvett says:

The left arm Hi

g reg says:

Yo Noel, are those Reactors L or M set?  Apprec!

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