Lost Puddle Fish Surfboard Review

Ian reviews the Lost Puddle Fish Surfboard.

Born out of frustration arising from an extended period of flatness and small waves, the Puddle Fish has all the small wave catching nous of its predecessor the Puddle Jumper but with an injection of blistering speed and chuckability.

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Mathieu Revel says:

Hey, nice work mate on the review. I own the Rocket v3 in 6’1, great board when it get shoulder height, i was originally looking at a twin fish like the Rasta RTT and i just saw this puddle fish ! which of those 2 boards you would recommend for small (knee to waist) weak/rubbish surf ?

Corz Illa says:

looks fun.

Rick Cruz says:

How does this compare with the puddle jumper rp? Looking to buy a board to complement my FireWire sci-fi. Which is a better option puddle jumper rp or puddle fish?

Craig Steven says:

Have u ridden it? You’re the only review I can find of this board on the net..

Chris Bruynzeel says:

Love the reviews–very helpful. I’d love feedback from those who see your reviews, buy the boards.
**Really interested in the puddle fish…but…would love to hear from those riding it who are not pro’s, rather average-Joe surfer–in small conditions, in head-high, in beach break as well as point break…anyone have anything for me? (I have the lost puddle jumper rp 6’1″ 41L–love it)
*50yrs, intermediate, 220lbs

Antonio Michael says:

Sick board

Richard Forbes-Simpson says:

I have a 5,7 of this model, compared to the original puddle jumper this board absolutely flies! Tons of down the line speed even on weak, flat-faced waves. Best thing about the board however is how well it turns- much tighter pivoting than the original and far easier to stay in the pocket and go vertical. The original PJ had a tendency to catapult you out of the pocket where you’d have to cut back constantly to stay in it. This board feels much more looser. My fav small wave board to date

chino chino says:

hey I’m a beginner, I been surfing for a month now and I think I’m ready to buy my first board. I want to buy a board that i can grow in to. should i buy the puddle jumper or should I buy a fish or is there another board you recommend

Offthe Lip says:

I bought the puddle fish two weeks ago. OMG!! It’s insane. Super fun, very fast down the line. I also own a puddle jumper, and the “puddle” family are great boards. This thing catches everything. If you live in a place where the waves are small 85% of the time, (like San Diego) buy this board. You won’t regret it.

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