Learner’s (Beginner’s) Mini-Mal Surfboard Review no.11 | Compare Surfboards

Learning how to surf? Give yourself every advantage and get the right surfboard to learn with. This is an ideal beginner’s / learner’s surfboard review at Benny’s Boardroom.

You don’t want what the pros are riding, you want something long, wide and stable. Learn to surf on the right craft – this Mini-Mal is a great starter board.

Just starting out? How are you going?


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Rami Ilaian says:

Very helpful man. Keep up the good work

Nick Palomino says:

Hi Benny, I was wondering if you have any videos showing the progression from the beginner board to the short board.

Eva Liera says:

Hello Benny. Reading all the reviews below, I was also told to use a long board as a beginner. I do agree with your logic though not to start with a huge board due to it’s bulk and length. I tried an 8ft foam board. It was so bulky and heavy. Ended up renting a 7 ft epoxy board but was still unsuccessful due to the nose being a little narrow.

Now, I am 5 ft 1. Super shorty. Would a 7’6 be a lil too huge for me? or do you recommend a shorter board given my size? it’s a lil difficult to find a board around 7ft-ish that’s wide, and that is affordable as a beginner. please share some thoughts.

Mr425Rider says:

out of curiosity how much did you weigh when you started and how tall are you? Also whats your definition of bigger guy in terms of weight and height? 

Willy Silva says:

also I am interested in buying this one as my first board but im not sure about how thick it should be , could you take a look and tell me what you think? I would really appreciate it! I am a big fan of your videos and they have been a great help, keep up the good work!

This is the board im looking at http://www.surfstitch.com/eu/en/product/light-sevensix-clearredblue

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