JS Surfboards “Nitro” Review with Noel Salas Ep.24

The JS “Nitro” is the perfect small wave Groveler for waves in the 1-3 foot range.

In this review Noel goes into the details of the attributes on this fun little 5’6″. A good Groveler has low entry rocker and exit rocker says Salas along with it’s wide point front from center to help with paddling and down the line speed.

The outline, tail, and rails suit Noel’s style for surfing small waves with a high performance flare. This little Nitro board has incredible speed because of the generous single to double concaves.

Salas also tried multiple fin options and said the Nitro is very versatile and felt good as a thruster, quad, and surprisingly a Twin Fin with a small trailer fin.

One thing that stands out most about the Nitro is the surfer has the option to surf it fast down the line or tight in the pocket and I cannot say that about all the different Grovelers out there.

Here is what the JS website has to say about the Nitro:
The new Nitro is by far the flattest entry rocker in an X Series model to date!

Combined with a much fuller nose than other boards in the same category, we have designed a board that allows you to generate and hold speed through flat spots with ease. Along with its deeper concaves for even more lift and liveliness, plus a slightly pulled-in tail outline for extra drive, this pocket rocket is geared towards attacking small sections exactly how you’d mind surf them!

While the rails remain full to help overcome any catches in choppy or lackluster waves, excess foam has been foiled out from other areas to retain overall performance and sensitivity in the tail. In many regions around the world, the Nitro will become a go-to board in terrible to average conditions for any surfer wanting a fast board to keep you in the fastest part of the wave!


luke Armstrong says:

i wanna see you noel on a tommo/slater sci-fi?.

Troy Robinson says:

How does it compare to the Sampler Noel?

Rafael LG says:

Hey noel, you are planning on doing pyzel’s reviews? I’ve been looking at the stubby bastard, it looks like a great board for daily surf but it doesn’t have a lot of information on the web.

Big Bri says:

Noel….I think it would be neat to see you surf on/review a true groveler with way more volume, a proper quad setup and actual knee to waist high grovel conditions! Baked Potato, Carbo Hydro….something like that. I love me some grovulation….fun stuff! Great reviews by the way….best on the web.

Marco Renzi says:

Hey Noel…great review, but compared to the sampler it really looks slower and too sticked to the water. Would you review the firewire spitfire in helium construction? Thanks Noel..great job

kingsofmayhem says:

Another great review Noel. Being a fin nut, I appreciate the different fin sets you try out…bravo..!!

Justin Bordwell says:

Had the original 2008 nitro. Definitely one of my top 5 boards ever. Back when they were importing the real stuff from oz.

jasper white says:

Yeeeew new brands!!

bodhi tree says:

Would be good if this board came in the HYFI construction just to make it a bit lighter. Saw that you helped with the Magnum Martinez Omni review which was also a quality review.

P A says:

Thanks for the fin reviews I really liked how the MR looked super fast & loose!!

airfrc162 says:

Nice videos man. I’d love if u could review some Pyzels in the future. Can’t decide between the CI fever or a few of the pyzel models. Peace

nunomsg1 says:

Try this board with the fins js i have to give my congratulations to this guys js you are the best excelent board its just amazing the things i do with this board

johnmumford says:

Yeah mann! Your videos are great! Can you make a video about Lost Carbon Wrap Baby Buggy?

Liam Rodriguez says:

first JS yeewww!!!

Eugene W says:

Awesome review Noel ! I like how you describe in detail how the design of the board works. I’m going to order one in Futures fins. What Futures fins sets would you recommend for both as a thruster and quad setup ?

bushkey says:

I recently rode one and loved it too. Looks like a great fit for your style. Thanks for a JS review!


Hi Noel loving the reviews absolutely ripping mate!
I am currently deciding between the nitro and pod mod for small summer days ranging from 1-3ft in Sydney.
Just wondering which board is more responsive and which board you prefer?
I am 6’3 and 198 pounds so need all the speed I can get in the small stuff
Currently riding a 6’0 32L JS BB2 in hyfi in 2-5ft and it goes unreal!

goncaloFOD says:

As always great review.

Did you tried the PSYCHO NITRO?
What you think about the Psycho Nitro relative to the Nitro?


o' neil Seifert says:

do you think a 5’5 would be too short and has not enough volume? I am 5 foot 9 and a 147 pounds! your videos are so good, love watching them. Great surfing btw.

nunomsg1 says:

JASON STEVENSON you are my shaper

Geoff Koop says:

Looks good! Great Review!

Vova Korotkikh says:

Sick review, just ordered Nitro 5’5 and Mosnta Box 5’6b can’t wait for them to come for NZ summer. Your videos pumping my hopes up for the boards.

Matt Levy says:

Could you review the superbrand mad cat

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