Haydenshapes “Untitled” Surfboard review by Noel Salas Ep. 37

The Untitled by Haydenshapes is very versatile and user friendly. This model is a great daily driver and it has a great range for surf in 1-6′ surf.

In this review I have the Untitled in two different constructions, PE and Future Flex. Testing boards in two different constructions makes it easier to see how a construction looks under my feet. The footage also helps me to articulate what I am feeling so I can learn more about the surfboard and the construction it’s made of.

The PE stands for Polyurethane Foam and Epoxy resin. I ordered the PE a little to thick making it tough for me to transition from rail to rail quickly. The DIMS are 5’7 x 19 x 2 3/8… Volume 27.14. However I did have fun on it and caught a couple of good waves.

The Future Flex board came out perfect at 5’7″ x 18 7/8 x 2 5/16 roughly 26.5 liters. This board is so fast down the line and really quick and snappy in transitions from rail to rail. The FF parabolic carbon fiber frame is very innovative and I go into detail how it works and feels under my feet.

The “Untitled” by Haydenshapes is agreat board and I highly recommend it in the Future Flex Technology as a daily driver.


Bon Summers says:

Untitled, Holy Grail,….others,…….  
What do you think?  What’s your favorite?

יכין ינקלביץ says:

So maby fire wire sci fi vs gamma vs skx vs Midas??? Please also Bradley’s Roman vs gladiator please?

SurfTopics says:

Thanks for adding the nose and tail dims. Nice review!

Miguel Marquina says:

Oh and BTW your reviews are getting better because they’re more specific and you cover the exact topics that questions arise from. Good Job! Cheeers!!!!!


rocket 9 or untitled?

Max Drewe says:

Do you think you could do a review on a dhd dx1. I am riding one right now and it feels pretty good.

Jon Salvador says:

Another solid one, thanks

Chris Levuiqes says:

Untitled or voodoo child? I’m still debating which to get

Twed j8 says:

Good review Noel. I have one and love it but have managed to break two fin boxs out of the three. Not sure of it is me or the board but sort of bummed about it. Has anyone held this issue?

butterscotch420able says:

you should surf to some punk rock or something

Miguel Marquina says:

In the beginning of the video you looked like you were going to slide out on your backside hack. You know that for thirty years I have never surfed anything other than CI boards, my first board was a Rich Reed Spindrift out of a local Santa Barbara pawn shop. But now I think I’m going to break that tradition. I want to try HS boards more and more. Here in SD they have a membership where you can order three boards a year, I’m planning to do it. I just wanted to shake Al Merricks hand one day and tell him how loyal I have been to his product growing up.

Chris Fan says:

How do you like the future flex construction compared to the flexbar and dual core fusion? Does the future flex still hold up in chop?

fireboxer70 says:

How does the Untitled compare to the Mark Richards Super Twin???

יכין ינקלביץ says:

So will u say it is a good board?
For good prformence on medium sized Waves? And the ff which volume u recommend comparing it to other boards

יכין ינקלביץ says:

Also u should check out the tropical Brasil Brand one of the best pu I have ever had.

Noah Stone says:

You need more subs you deserve them

Shaun Westcott says:

Thank you for another awesome review Noel, I am from South Africa and have watched many of your shows, I love the concept of “surf n show” and find your comments insightful and immensely useful., well done!

I ordered an HS Untitled board and wanted your take on surfing it as a Twin fin (2+1) setup. It looks a little like the the old MR Twin fin with some modern tweaks.

I get my board next week and wanted to buy the MR Twin fins as a combo, it’s expensive and I would really appreciate some advise on that? FYI I have the HS fins (black set) same as yours in the video, just not sure if I should bother buying the twin fins, I felt it might make the board fly in small waves, what do you think?

Salomon Kamalodine says:

Noel, would the Untitled be somewhat redundant in a quiver compared to a Hi5 from CI?

John Riggs says:

Bra- how is Noel?

Andrew H says:

Sweet Vid. Ever try standing on the bottom of the board to see how flexible it is? I did it recently (on top of a large sponge) with my EPS (1.5 lbs density) that has single 4s glassing on the bottom. No dents, board nearly flexed to the ground. Felt like a spring, very bouncy but it is dual stringered.

kev O says:

What is your #1 fav all around-er?

Koa3k says:

Can u guys do a review of the fred stubble by CI?

Tim Hall says:

Whats your favourite Hayden shapes board so far Noel?

Miguel Marquina says:

Hey Noel, is it possible for you to review the OG flyer from C.I?

Jack Reed says:

Where is the Futureflex made? Thailand?

Philippe Strapko says:

Awesome videos Noel! I’m the same height as you but weigh 150. From your experience do you feel it would be ok to go with a 5’6 in Florida waves? Thank you!

Rick Bondservant says:

Untitled Vs Holy Grail. If you had to chose one board to ride as an everyday driver which one would you chose?

Chasingwaves says:

Noel your gonna love it when the waves get chest to head plus . I have the Hayden its a funky board but a fun board .. It rips when the waves are big so be ready for it u might fall off the first time lol .. The only problem I’ve had is them steep take offs board just nose dives into the face so just get the board side ways and off u go .. Thought I would let u know just in case . if I could change one thing on these boards is give it more nose rocker

colby ogata says:

This board looks so freaking good under your feet. Some mental turns

Mads Bording says:

Dear Noel. Should I get a FutureFlex board with less volume than in a PE? Say 32L in PE and 30.5 in FF?

Paul-Louis Louw says:

Have you ever ridden the CI Weirdo Ripper Noel? This board looks so similiar, it seems like the only difference is the finbox placement. Would you say there is a comparison under foot?

יכין ינקלביץ says:

Untiteld vs hypto vs dark side vs love buzz ? Please

gulfsurfco says:

Top notch review, Noel!!

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