Haydenshapes “Holy Grail” Surfboard Review by Noel Salas EP.41

The Holy Grail is a great daily driver for waves that range in the 1-6’ surf. The overall outline of this board is unlike anything I have seen or ridden in my 34 years of surfing.
The tail is unique in many ways and the combination of rocker, and bottom contours make this board user friendly and silky smooth from rail to rail with speed.

The Holy Grail in 1-3 surf is very fast down the line because of its low – medium entry rocker and straight or staged rocker running through the center of the board. It also has the wide point a little front from center for additional foam under the chest which makes it a great paddler.

In the 3-6’ surf I felt confident off the bottom and in the pocket due to its medium to aggressive tail rocker, and pulled in tail design. This board combined with the Future Flex construction makes this board very versatile and fun to ride in variety of wave sizes and conditions.

This is a favorite of mine for 2017 for sure and I believe everyone should have one in their quiver!!!


Ryan Tolentino says:

Another killer review Noel. Keep it up…Looks like you really killed it with that last swell.

Tim Hall says:

Nice one Noel, looks great under foot!

Roderick Cabahug says:

Noel, that board looks great under your feet! I have been riding the Psych Germ for a while, ridden HKs and Love Buzz as well.  The HG looks like my next one.  Thanks for the great review and your ripping as always!

tamir pinkas says:

I have a question 4 u…
U rode the Holly Grail and the Untiteled by Haydenshapes, both in the Future flex construction, which one would u take with u to the punchy beach breaks of costa rica, if u could only take one?

Jason Gauci says:

Hey mate , another hard question for you ??? Would you buy a js monsta box hyfi or a holy grail I’m tossing up which to buy thanks

elb2018 says:

Shredding on that thing. Would love to see you get on a love buzz, such a good board for 1-5ft and think it would suit your style. I too am starting to favour the eps over pu for most conditions

monkeypawism says:

Great review! It’s on the radar, if not on the order list soon.

Montana Weatherby says:

Noel, Wheres the driver episode you promised meeeeee

Blade Runner says:

great to see you ripping on a 25.7 liters baord, it’s really a nice review. the board looks great. your surfing, Noel, is awesome too. Great job Man. It’s always a pleasure to see your reviews.

Macro VIGILANCE says:

I always appreciate watching Noel Surf love his style (+ learning about boards)

Andrew Kim says:

What happened to the js monsta box vid.. its not on youtube anymore

Koa3k says:

you should do a review on the t low by channel islands 🙂

Bon Summers says:

Looks solid, what are the dimensions of your board?
And btw, just go with F8 stock white thermotech fins, they work great.

Miguel Marquina says:

Oh yeah for sure, ya man your favorites are stacking up. At this pace you’re going to have to do a showdown of you’re favorites! So I’ve really come to appreciate a single concave and a flat deck cause it flies! Is this board comparable to that feel? You looked loose and like you were hitting your turns the way you wanted to. So if this was considered a daily driver, what would it be comparable to in CI board quiver? The boards you’ve been reviewing look really fun and how you got lowers to what looks like to yourself is unbelievable. I know you’re stoked! Great review like always, keep posting them and I’ll keep liking them. Have fun, CHEERS!!!!!

Ferdinand Arcinue says:

Great surfing as always! How does the Holy Grail compare to the V3 Stealth?

simo from green says:

Noel …your reviews are the best mate , thanks for all your work you put into these vids.
Its good watching your style adapt to different boards and give honest reviews .
Its great when choosing a new board , im sold on the holy grail , you are frikin ripping on that board.
Cheers mate !

Malin Nyberg says:

Hi great review, thanks! Holy Grail vs CI Sampler that (I got after your review) what is the difference? Thanks and keep up the great work 🙂

Harry Sidgwick says:

Have u ever considered doing to tutorials on particular manoeuvres I think they would be really interesting and helpful as there isn’t that many good tutorials on more advanced things like airs and carves and getting vertical cheers harry

Olaf Henke says:

Some observations. There is still paper of the stickers that the fin installation guy puts when installing the boxes, which means the brand has a poor quality control. You could expect this from a cheap board made in Thailand. But I m guessing that one was made in California. Even worst.
On the other hand this kind of “tech” is not new. It has been made and tested several years ago, if you have been close to the surfboard industry you should know. Brands like HS are good in marketing, so are others. Unfortunately shows like this misinform the surfer.
In an era of easy access to everything and social media its easy to make sales to the naive consumers.
Give them fancy looking boards, give them carbon, show them rad tails that dont perform better than a boring squash tail. More finboxes, more channels, more sales.
Whats old is new. Pathetic surfers.
That pitty black stripe with ‘Calvin Klein’ look…. give me a break.

Besides that, I like the show and your surfing makes the difference.

srfiend11 says:

Hey Noel, Nuther excellent review!! Just a thought….It’d be interesting to hear reviews of the different surfboard constructions out there and how they compare. IE: weight, durability, flex, etc. Now that I am in the market for a board purchase, I am now more torn after watching this review between this board, the Untitled, and maybe the Heckler in Torsion Spring….and thanks for that, ha! Anyways, the excellent surfing footage really helps show how the boards work and thanks for having the best reviews out there !

Sergio Valentin says:

Best reviews ever! Big fan bro! Keep it up!

João Berberan says:

Hey Noel! Which one would you choose between a CI Fever and a HS Holy Grail as an all around surfboard? BTW do you sell the boards you try? Thanks

bodhi tree says:

1: Watch Noel’s review/Like
2: Get to surfing section and mute video
3:Play Chillhop essentials – Fall 2017
4: Profit

Jesse Urane says:

Ripping Noel, I wanna see you ride a ci neckbeard, one of my favorites of all time.

Just Swell - A Surf Channel says:

Nice review and nice board. Looks like something that would be suited for me, especially with the wide point and foam under the chest.

Jack Schreuder says:

noel rips doesn’t matter what he rides

Rad-Dad says:

25.7 liters seems small for Noel’s size. Awesome review. Board looks like magic. Surfnshow.com is looking great.

Felix Lux says:

Nice review and the board really looked good under your feet!

Itai Lavi says:

Where are these waves? SoCal?

josh says:

Deadpool can surf!!

bushkey says:

Sick review! Matching up fins with the boards is always very helpful for people as there are so many options. Out of all your reviews this year, I think this board was one of the funnest to watch you surf on. I really enjoyed My HG at lowers the other day, it’s a keeper. I know you love and prefer to ride smaller boards, but It looked a tad small for you in the bigger waves. Next big anticipated review…Gamma baby! Thanks again for another polished review!

8span says:

Will you ever be able to review the sic phi and skx surfboards?

FB says:

Nice review ! Did you ride this board with less volume you usually ride ? Is it because of epoxy or shape ?

SoCal Boys says:

Great vid as always Noel! You look great on this board, and you still look amazing on the Fever too. I think having this tech and progressive design would be a cool combo to have with a PU Fever. Keep ripping brother!

gulfsurfco says:

Another top notch review! Serious ripping too! Wassup Aarron, nice shooting.

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