Dave Rastovich Keel Fins and a Fish from Carrozza – Shred Show ep. #35

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Most surfers are at least vaguely familiar with the shape of a fish but what most don’t know is that the original design came from the needs of kneeboarders.

In the late 60’s kneeboarding was more common than it is now and since it was useful to kick in to waves with fins like modern bodyboarders do, the split tailed pin allowed kneeboarders to have a place to rest their fins on the board, where they would just hang off the edge creating drag if they were surfing a pin tail.

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Very cool, short video that gives an inside look in to Chris and his shaping process in Huntington Beach


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Thank you Carrozza Surfboards for sponsoring this episode and giving me this board for free. Thank you Futures Fins for giving me these fins for free. All opinions are my own.


Timothy Deslandes says:

Fish! Fish! Fish!

osbc01 says:

ok my bad!
found them!
keep the good work!

Andrej Nagy says:

super Siamese palm viper please

ernsto polanco says:

dude your fucken show is sick i like how you go into detail about everything bro. I wish you would do an episode on the “neck beard” 

1k1ngst0n says:

good to see a review of alternative shapes! More please.

Taico Alves says:

More fishs!!! Please

Joe Gibson says:

These shows are great. I’ll obviously never own most of the boards you review but the information I pick up which I can then apply to understanding shape is awesome. Thx for the great stuff.

Joie Ruggiero says:

Let’s get married and move to Bali.

Christopher Miller says:

sub scorcher 2!!!!!! great reviews btw

Alan Holder says:

“while a short board just bangs all over the place…” haha

Der Chakalaka says:

Lost Scorcher! Pleas…

Mitchell Rita says:

Do a show about Beaters by Catchsurf

Oshri Sudri says:

Learn from you a lot! Please lost pelagic reviwe… Thanks

BIGjoe375 says:

Rusty Happy Shovel

William Drury says:

I’m not really a club type of guy, I know a fish would be right for me. Now should I ride my fish with more volume than my standard shorty? I know I should go much shorter. My standard shorty is a 5’7″ at 22.5 Liters. I was thinking going 5’2” on the fish. Should I try to do my volume more than 22.5? Say 23.5-24.5 Liters? Or am I way too overthinking this whole volume-talk mumbo jumbo? Thanks for any help!

Phaidrus says:

Great show, once more!

How about reviewing …Lost’s Pelagic fish with its snowboard-inspired reverse outline towards the tail? Cheerio!

Ryan H says:

love the alternative shapes

Bermcannon Media says:

Stamps WMD please!

Charlie Lipscombe says:

Do another fish pleaseeeeeeee

THEHM805 says:


jay sarsoza says:

What does the V up on the nose do

ToddEO says:

Always appreciate your complete reviews. Leave me wondering little. Awesome Job!

So one thing I am curious about is the difference between the Rasta Keel and the K2 by Futures. Aside from the honeycomb vs glass diff, Im more curious on how a board might react differently btwn these two setups. They just seem so close to me like the seaworthy and the controller also seem so similar. Your thoughts?

Dan Parisi says:

Lost pelagic

Henri Pettersson says:

classical mini simmons

WashoutWarrior says:

“im not gonna say it again” hahaha

Lok Ellyit says:

Really good to know about the depth of the cut in on the swallow tail, really explains why my tail drifts a bit off (sometimes a lot) the top. Thanks for the knowledge.

Mb Pirate says:

Thanks for the Pad location and dance analogy

MisterGamerzzz says:

Potatonator please

Brandon Murphy says:

sub scorcher 2

Or Meirav says:

Hay Chris, your the greatest.. love the details! can you tell us about the Walden’s “magic fish”.. and its fins options. Thenks!

chaszrainsford says:

Hey Chris – thanks for your review, I am thinking about pulling the trigger on this board. I think it’s a great shape and looks alot of fun. Do you like this board alot? Could you elaborate more on this specific board an not so much the “fish shape”? I am going to get it custom shaped at 6’0″ x 21″ x 2 5/8″, 38L – I am 5’11”, average 185-190lbs surf all year round so I wear a bunch of rubber in winter. Do you think that is a good size for this board?

Brad Tremble says:

Lets see some single fin shorties, Mark Richards twin fin shortboards, and Campbell Brothers Bonzer boards.

Jay Rod says:

Defiantly more fish !! And weird stuff

Thomas Guglielmo says:

What do you think about putting these fins in a a big guy short board? I have a 6’10” Joe Blair quad and I was wonder what it would do with these fins. Any ideas, comments or a moment of wisdom for me? I am a 6’1″ 210lb intermediate surfer. 

Jiao12 says:

Review the Taj beach buggy from lost

js333able says:

How far from the tail are the fin boxes?

Joey Abbinanti says:

please do a review on the catch surf beater!

Erin Smith says:

Hmmm, how would a “quad fin” Fish feel ike in the wave? Great show, loving watching it and lerning more every time!

Jay Rod says:

Hey Chris would you mind doing a review on Ozzie wrights evil twin fish ??

justin murphy says:

Thanks for another great show Chris. Love the dance analogy, I feel that the best surfers always dance with the wave in a complimentary manner, no matter what they’re riding.
Can you tell me the difference between a thumb tail and a rounded pin, both physically and rideably? Also, where do I find the links to videos that you say you’ll post under the clip? Cheers BGro!

Will Hasell says:

infinity tombstone please

Colby Riviere says:

So basically what he said if you surf a short board your a slut…

Brian Cassin says:

How about reviewing a Pendoflex Rubber Ducky?!

ABC RHP says:

Ha ha You kill me. So funny.

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