Channel Islands “Rocket Wide” Surfboard Review by Noel Salas EP. 56

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In this episode I review the “Rocket Wide” which is the latest edition of small wave Grovelers in the CI line up of surfboards.

I ordered two stock 5’5” x 18 ¾ x 2 5/16 Liters 25.8 in the new CI Spine-Tek construction… one board with Futures Fin boxes and the other has FCSII. I test both of these boards in perfect 1-2’ and 3-4’ surf to find the range that best suits this model.

I found the Rocket Wide to be very fast, responsive, and most of all it has good flow in transition from turn to turn. I can honestly say that this board suits my style of surfing best in 1-3’ surf.

I highly recommend this board for small waves I think it suits all level of surfers.

The Rocket Wide is not only a favorite of Surf n’ Shows for 2018… it’s also my top pick for best Groveler for 2018 in 1-3’ surf.


Harrison Abry says:

Nice one man

elb2018 says:

Shredding on that stick Noel. I agree it looks like it’s lacking rail line in the bigger waves but spicy as on 1-3ft. Thanks for the insight on another board, so helpful. What board can we expect next?

vini ruemel2 says:

Hi Noel, How come you’r riding th RW with less volume than the fever ? Thanks for your work

Blade Runner says:

Great review, the best part is wave analysis at the end, that’s really interesting. cheers Noel, you are the best.

Max ladabaum says:

looks similar to the psycho killer. which one do you prefer?

Gordon Flash says:

You reviews get better every time! Great work!

Gary Allred says:

Noel awesome reviews!!
How does the Rocket Wide compare head to head with the Uber Driver?? I’m in Fl so we don’t have the push your waves have. Out of the two boards which do you feel might have the better/quicker performance feel?
Also will you be doing any DHD reviews? Specifically the DNA.

Rome says:

great review as always Noel!

-Prem says:

LOVE your reviews Noel! I wanted to try out the Beta AM2…went to Futures site but not available. Is that where they are going to sell them?
You liked them? Different ride than the Honeycomb?

Wyatt Bauer says:

Try the CI high five surf tech

Sam Ponsford says:

These reviews are superb. Some of the most informative, intelligent surf content on the internet. Keep it up!

Felix Lux says:

Top notch review! Love the part about the fins, covering it all.

Shane Diiullo says:

Ci should make more gimmicky models.

Miguel Marquina says:

I’ve been waiting for this review to come out

Miguel Marquina says:

You usually have different constructions on deck but I feel ya on the spine T it was amazing. I took this board out on mushy steep waves and it was super fast, especially on the lower end of the wave spectrum. I could feel the spring right away and the swing weight was on point, luckily the demo truck came to Clairemont Surf Shop in my dims so I had to jump on it!!!!!!!!

Matthew Jones says:

Great review Noel as always ! How does it compare to the Sharp Eye Modern 2? I was about to pull the trigger on a 5’6 M2 in E2 tech

monkeypawism says:

What an enjoyable show, informative and ripping.

Patrick Nickols says:

I love the reviews! Keep it up.
You got me in a pickle. Rocket wide or puddle jumper HP??
6 foot 200lbs

Garrett McGee says:

Love the reviews Noel! How do you think this board compares to the Lost puddle fish for a small wave groveler in 1-2ft summer surf here in FL? It looks fun and it was crazy to here you say it’s your favorite groveler. Thanks!

skimsk808 says:

I love the current am2 can’t imagine how delicious those prototypes are…*heavy breathing*

Geoff Koop says:

Good review Noel! Looks super fun!

ctkim1 says:

Hey Noel great show keep it up. My buddy just bought the Rocket Wide but in PU. Do you think when the waves reach 3-5 feet that the PU would actually feel better than the EPS?? You did mention that the EPS didnt feel as sharp in the 3-4 feet.

mike powers says:

cheeehuuuuuu! Love Surf’n Show! Hey surfboard question for ya Noel. I’m 210lbs and looking for a shorter summer board that fits in the 2-3+ foot surf of north county sd. How much thicker in the dims from stock do you think is reasonable? Generally speaking.

roland ijssel says:

great review. i like that you cover a lot with fins how they surf , keeps it fresh ever time a watch a review of you with a new board. It feels that i learn something new every time 🙂

kinjuk15 says:

I personally think it would be rad to have you as a Wildcard on the next Trestles event. You’d rip out there and it’d be a nice change from the typical wildcards that usually get called into that event.

Shaka says:

Great review. BTW, you sound like a young Casey Kasem.

SoCal Boys says:

Ripping like always. Perfect summer groveler! Great review Noel! Great feedback on the foot positioning when going from super short summer boards to our normal everyday drivers. So true. Happy Friday my man! My Futures Tech 1’s are on the way.

Catch the Wave says:

What a great review!
Decisions to make. I have a Puddle Fish in which I’ve had so much fun in but I’m starting to feel the board become to big for me. My surfing has improved I can feel the extra volume of the Puddle Fish get in the way in terms of its volume compared to my weight.

The rocket wide and the Mod Pod are on my radar both looked great under your feet. The Mod Pod looked better in the bigger surf though. Keep up the awesome reviews, oh and those prototype fins looked great with lots of speed and drive.

Ducati Drew says:

Absolutely love these reviews.

Buster_boo202 says:

Super fun review. How would you compare this to the puddle jumper hp?

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