This is Tudor Style

This is Tudor style… Joel Tudor hits crowded Malibu to SUP invaded Cardiff and really doesn’t have a problem getting a wave. Makes you want to surf, huh?


Wecan Watersports says:

I got to see him surf Maka’ha beach, the style!

noooooooooooooo0 says:

You are a manufactured prototype of the human mind, absorbing any suggestion by anyone at any given time, regardless of personal belief whatsoever

Augusto Coelho says:

Um surf clássico de muita qualidade,Tudor mostra pq tem um dos estilos mais bonitos da atualidade! Aloha

Vinicius Da Rosa says:

nice nice !

Brian Lavin says:

sounds like a cut of Marcus garvey/ Garveys Ghost.

suot balat says:

i Like and Love it aLL your moves in Longboard
i wish i can do that someday//

Brandan says:

damn that’s a big lineup

Sean Kearns says:

one of the very few longboarders with the ability and control to walk back and spray you as you paddle over the shoulder.

Thiago Araujo says:

3:08 What’s that message he’s reading? hahaha

depret5 says:

nice video

TheSparksterMonster says:

This was like Doheny this weekend

Hay Tabib says:


SirMerksALot45 says:

super rad

Jort Rootlieb says:

Yes it does, Joel is my hero 😀 But it´s flat in the land below the sea level for over tree weeks…

Liam O'Callaghan says:

Beautiful smooth cutbacks and hang tens.

portal Lapiz says:

so sweet

whoolygang says:

this is where skateboarding came from!! dudes skated cuz there was no waves…

Caden McCormies says:

What board is he riding?

Brian Lavin says:

burning spear?

Sector9Media says:


joshua yammer says:

1:22???? sea weed???

bob builder says:

what is the song it is so sick

ILSappr says:

Comment fail If hes a surfer good chances are he likes root music’ surfing,and rolling j’s. I guess all great manufactered prototype human minds think alike.

Jared Pratt says:

what song is that too nice

Isabela Andrade says:

Does anyone knows the name of the video’s song ?? Please, thank you !

JahminLerum says:

OK…now I want a longboard…

noooooooooooooo0 says:

if by Tudor style you mean snaking me during my 10th grade surf competition at Salt creek? ive never heard of such low life ethics in my life

Makoto Yamamoto says:


Hector Cardona says:

His cutbacks are mint!

Enrique Jimenez says:

Don’t know how to surf but watching that vídeo makes me want to awesome job Tudor

fonoboy says:

Every waves is different, so calling any surfing repetitive is dumb

Andy Shaw says:

Loch Ness Monster 1:22

chandler cummings says:

That dude at the end totally fucked Joel’s wave

PowellPeraltask8er says:


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