Surfing 101 : How to Surf on a Longboard

A longboard is a style of surfboard that is used in more laid back and relaxed settings. Surf on a longboard with help from a surfing expert in this free video clip.

Expert: Gabriel Rodriguez
Bio: Gabriel is a Surfer of 15 years experience, and a shaper of surfboards since 5 years.
Filmmaker: Alfredo Rodriguez

Series Description: Whether you’re experienced or just starting out, there are always a few things you can do to help you excel at surfing. Learn about the basics of surfing with help from a surfing expert in this free video series.


Roy Stuart says:

Ah but that’s not exactly what you said, and thus it wasn’t what I was criticising. In bigger waves it is imperative to roll from further back particularly when rolling under a breaking lip when paddling out over a wall, and particularly when riding heavy longboards.

Kevin Hall says:

With 50 years experience there is no way I’d Eskimo Roll from the middle under 10ft+ reef or point breaks. I should have been more specific though saying forward of center (approx 2/3 from tail) on bigger waves. On small waves, as long as the board is level and the nose is not raised, the center is OK, but when your in the big stuff, be careful.

Roy Stuart says:

Sorry but that’s very bad advice, in bigger waves it is especially important to roll under from the middle or even further aft. If the board is too light to roll well then one can be tempted to roll from further forward to prevent the nose from lifting but it is a dangerous solution especially when rolling under breaking lips.

blaze 420 says:

do you need wax?

C. Welch says:

Thanks Gabe, I’m a bigger guy. I weigh 230 lbs. Is it best for me to start on a longboard? Am I too heavy for a fun board and would that be too hard for me to learn to stand up on?

Tanner Bowling says:

Surfing 101 : How to ride on a longcock.

Kevin Hall says:

How is “On small waves, as long as the board is LEVEL and the nose is not raised, the center is OK, but when your in the big stuff, be careful.” and “Beginners … check with your local surf shop for advice on the difference” dangerous advice?
Thing is, very few, if any, beginners will ride the old “Sixties” Mal’s anyway. All I know is, from 1961 untill the advent of the short board, what did or didn’t work for me. No coaches, no videos, no leashes, it was all trial and error and … fun.

Sophie Brock says:

I wax my soft top 8 ft board n am 4 ft 11 29 yr old learner.

Vince Gijzen says:

you can do a turtle roll! instead of a duck dive or paddle around the waves on a long board
ride on

soymateofeo says:

Uh …. this is good beginner on a foam board advice. If you are surfing beach breaks with more advanced waves, paddling efficiency and endurance are the only thing that will overcome no channels to paddle through. Learn to paddle.

kareezer says:

It’s also super important to keep your weight in the right spot on the board. if your too far forward that can be a cause for pearl diving/faceplant

Zelus Brand says:

Dump step

Dana Franchitto says:

ah no wonder I’m gettin raocked out these .Waves are too steep for my board. Thanks Gabe ,this is good.

Dylan Colby says:

No wax needed if its a softop 8 FT longboard like mine

Dylan Colby says:

I surf on an 8 FT long board I’m 10 yrs old and my surf instructor told me 8 FT long boards are the best if u are learning to surf but u will have a challenge doing tricks

Roy Stuart says:

Lol squared at the advice to take out what others are riding.

Roy Stuart says:

No I’m not talking about soft tops as you will see if you check out the boards I ride.In fact very lightweight longboards are the only ones for which a case can be made for rolling from further forward.. it is still a very bad practice though, particularly when rolling under the breaking lip of a sizeable wave. You are offering dangerous advice.

Roy Stuart says:

No, longboards should be rolled from the middle, rolling from the nose can result in cartwheeling and other disasters,.

tyler giesey says:

Thnx found this helpful going tommarow but u should have been here yesterday!

Paris says:

this guy looks SUPER uncomfortable in front of a camera

Kevin Hall says:

If you’re calling “soft tops” as shown in the vid “longboards” you have a point, and a completely different story.
Beginners reading this, be aware that there is a huge difference between a “soft top” (beginners) polystyrene board and a Malibu style longboard made from polyurethane, heavily covered with polyester resin and fiberglass. Check with your local surf shop for advice on the difference.

Stefano Corradi says:

where is located?

Kevin Hall says:

Correct. Pretty much the only way to “roll under” a wave on a longboard, a must in the pre-leash era! Remember to get as far forward on your board as possible before rolling under keeping the nose down as much as possible too.

Andrew W says:

I had the same problem just switched it up to a longboard when I normally ride much shorter boards. Key thing to remember is you have to catch the wave before it breaks. If the waves get steep or you try to catch a wave where you normally would catch a wave on a short board, your gonna most likely pearl or as you call if faceplant.

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