Perillo, Meador and the Brothers Marshall Revive Classic Surfcraft at Malibu | Shed Sessions

Malibu Shed Sessions


Chuck Daly says:

as always the Shed Shreds!!! Thanks brother

altered trajectory says:

These cats really know how to adapt to different boards. The subtle adjustments, corrections, & saves shows their versatility. And the boards brought back sweet memories. Bravo!

Peter Cole says:

Love the Series. I also like Todd P’s boards but haven’t seen them yet….

DeathCookieEnt says:

Love this series but get some LAV mics.

Dingo Capo says:

i think i love kassia meador!!!!!!!!

David Bailey says:

Is there a way to help find a lost board?

Brodi Wheeler says:

@ 0:13 is that Burkhart’s Board?

Randall Vincent says:

Dillon Perillo looks like he is on chronic hydrodiuril. Good luck

Lounge Lizerd says:

Every guy that surfs birds boards always say that they didn’t thing they’d be able to ride such a board. Really ? These are classics that the greats rode and designed

Brian Rapp says:

THE BU. #1 QUEEN KASSIEA. RULES. canyonlocalfilmscom

truethinker says:

When i was 14 i moved to Kauai. My older brother Robbie Bryson,Is the first person featured in surfer Magazine of the Cannon on the North Shore of Kauai.(center fold His name changed to Robbie Brypon) and the names were kept secret Joy Cabel was featured also. it was already to late anyway though. He picked me up from the air port . And we went straight to Hanappi Surf shop owned by Skip Harmon.We smoked the Hookah with a bunch the *best famous guys back then but Deck Brewer was there also. He shaped for all the best guys back then Late 69’s early 70 d’s. I lived in Hanalei and other places, went to High School, and learned to surf there. Moved back to Cal in the 80’s. The reason i am commenting here is the last real wave i surfed was Malibu.
It was perfect possible 5 foot Hawaiian ya know what i mean. The locals would say 6 to 8. I sat in the middle and caught the big close out sections for a hell of a long time. Barrel after barrel. My friend from Radondo Beach was sitting outside with all the crowd , never saw him get a wave.

I was tired as hell Having not surfed much and with a wit suit. poof winded. One of the biggest sets came in. All the superstars were to deep so i had it perfect set in my lap. I rode that wave from nearly the furthest point all the way to a step off on the sand. I went through at least four shoulder hopper spots. Guys were dropping all around me some eating it right next to me, one getting hit in the head where i even saw the blood come out before he ate his lunch and hit the water I heard guys say who’s that. That wave was just like Hanalei. Taking off at the point and making it through the bowl. Much thicker though. But with the crowd it was just like that at Malibu. And i did that so many times at Hanalei on a small day of course.

On thing that reminded me of this period was that is when the short boards got ridiculously small. My bother in law Jeff Hay took off on a solid 12 ft wave at Hanalei, a brand new 5’6″ brewer, he was 6;4″and the board broke in half on the bottom turn.. First time he used it. Then the bi fin then the thrust-er try fin. Now what five fin ? Well that is one little story about the last wave i rode.. Ky was the last wave i surfed in Hawaii and a little punk ‘B’lair Hamelton dropped in on me and wanted to fight He did get pretty big but when he was a kid he was a little chicken shit. He would have whipped me up then. I was getting to many waves. I was always good at the late takeoffs.

logan hulstine says:

Love these videos! Please keep producing them!

What Memories says:

She rips

Zachary Klein says:

Please re-do this this episode and have all of these surfers ride a full on Dirt Machine.

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