Perfect day surfing Malibu

A few beautiful, head-high sets rolling through first point on March 29th. Perfect day, except for the crowd…
-Shot with a GoPro 4 and my mouth mount.


Terry Knierim says:

always that Crowded ?

To esperando o silêncio pra eu rimar says:

Os cara rabera na tóra kkkk
Se fosse aqui no ceará não ia prestar não oh isso aí…

MrDanielHawes says:

See that dead sloth on the beach when he got back in?!

corey fisher says:

If you surf there religiously you get used to the crowds. I always have fun there. Such a great wave.

co8539 says:

I could not handle surfing with all those kooks the wave looks amazing tho

lachlan dudley says:

whats the length of your board bruh?

kraiBruno7 says:

só chinelão um rabiando o outro kkkkk

Carson Ward says:

I just realized I have a Stewart surfboard to. Mine is 7′ 4″ with single fin and side thrusters.

starvin marvin says:

What the hell is up with all the drop ins, crazy.

clarkewi says:

I remember that view from long, long ago.

barney the dinosaur says:

too many k00ks

JM AF says:

Good work at 1:20. Enjoyed that!

dennis ralph says:

In 1965 I rode Malibu on a Surf board made by Robert Millner no leash, Just slip check and a pair of cutoff blue jeans. Eight foot no one out but one other guy on a Jacobs , great nose rider this guy was, he said he was from the Pacific Palisades. never did get his name.

lachlan dudley says:

That was so amazing. The bit wheny ou caught it all the way to the beach and then just walked off was so classic. Like, “Alright, well. I’m done here, time to go”

Opsyx says:

this violence ahah

Daniel Buckner says:

I’m cringing

William Henley says:

:47 dude cutting in needs to be punched in back of the head.

luis fuentes says:

i remember surfing in zuma beach by malibu a couple years ago the waves were awesome it just sucked how crowded it was

scstudios8 says:

I have been there a couple days, it gets too crowded.  San Onofre is similar without the crowds if you live further south.  Nothing like a full minute ride.

Johnny Utah says:

Awesome job dumping that fool!

Eva Liera says:

Talk about surf etiquette in Malibu. Snakes! That dude stole your wave AND he fell- his fault. Geez!!!

Carve Nutrition says:

Nice video and way to deal with the LA traffic. We need artificial reefs built for all the humans that love to drop in…

Nina39129 says:

where are yousurfing

Carter Evans says:

Looks like I’m getting a lot of flak for the “Perfect Day” title.
You’re all correct. The snakes are awful in Malibu and there is zero
surf etiquette. I grew up in Hawaii and none of these kooks would
survive one day there. When I first surfed Malibu I couldn’t believe
how truly horrible the crowd was! I used to come in after a session
all pissed off about how many people dropped in on me! Fortunately,
I’ve trained myself not to sweat it. If you catch Malibu on a good
day, the rides can be up to a minute long. –Well worth the crowd for a
So-Cal wave. Unfortunately, you just have to surf more “aggressively”
to push through the crowd of snakes to get one of those waves!

Griseld Islamaj says:

Isn’t that place crowded with White sharks?

Chaz Morel says:

If this were Florida, there would be so many fights.

Brendan Bishop says:

what beach is this specifically at? Going to be visiting LA/malibu, and I would love to surf this spot!


I really miss malibu!
Thank you for share from Japan

Recklaw says:

Did you cut his back with your fins?

unclejack123 says:

so who’s going to be the next Dora or Fain Carson and start teaching some manners? OldGuy just sayin’ ……………… JRW

jmk jmk says:

I drove from OC to surf out there last Thursday and you’re definitely right bout the etiquette. There is none. I’ve always met folks who often drive from Ventura and other parts of LA to surf in South OC and down to SD, and I’m 100% it’s cause of the overflowing number of assholes in LA.

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