Malibu Wake Setter 2013 w/ Surf Gates

Voici le tout nouveau Malibu Wake Setter 2013 équipé du tout nouveau système Surf Gate.

Pour faire l’essai du tout nouveau SurfGate de Malibu ou pour plus amples
informations veuillez contacter le département des ventes chez Aqua Sport
Marine au 819-326-9998 merci et bon surf.

This is the new Malibu Wake Setter 2013 with the new Surf Gate System.
For a test drive with the all new SurfGate from Malibu or for more
informations please contact the sales departement at Aqua Sport Marine
dial 819-326-9998 thanks and good surfing.


Mickey Callahan says:

surfed on this boat today and it was amazing

Ryan Neely says:

what boat has the best surfwake? i’m assuming this malibu still has to fill up the tanks. I have a 2005 wakesetter and its tough to get the wake perfect for adults. Looks like I will have to spend $100K more. Fawk

antwon diaz says:


G Rivera says:

Whats the music called?

Kenton Friesen says:

SWEET boat!

Raleigh Jevnick says:

How did you prevent the cross wash from coming up and over the swim platform? and How is the weight distributed for this boat?

Ryan Geoffrey says:

I water ski and this is the dumbest thing I have ever seen in my entire life

Jason Lambert says:

Wow, that is one DEEP pocket! I need to partially fill the bow sac on my A20 to even get close (not to mention wait around while 2 750’s fill up!). Sweet!

Dehko Life says:

depending on which side your surfing on, you would fill the left and center full if surfing left or right and center full if surfing right, or if you were switching sides as shown in the video, all tanks would need to be filled

8PistonPony says:

This is my dream boat. Just spent the weekend on my uncles and this thing is a BEAST! Exhaust note is AMAZING, too, for those that are wondering.

Danny Bernard says:

The new Malibu has surf gates not ballast my friend has one and there amazing no more waiting for stuped ballast to fill up you can switch surf waves or ride both sides or wakeboard almost instantly.

Fabio Müller says:

how are your tanks filled for surfing with the wave from the video? and do you use the wedge ? thanks

josh gappy says:

I’m actually getting this boat, this upcoming summer. I wanna know what tanks you have filled and if you have any extra fat sacks in there. Thanks. Sick wake and a awesome ride no doubt

qwerty12345470 says:

No PFD? That’s not very safe.

Colby cheezer says:

boat has 2 tanks at the rear end that can be filled up. fill up 1 side and drain the other and cruise at about 10-12 mph which will make a good wave to ride on. just like surfin. alot of fun.

Roger MacDonell says:

have it

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