How to wax a surfboard

In this quick lesson from Zed Surfing Adventures you learn to wax a surfboard
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EpicSurfNews says:

Hey Zed, we just published a video that shows how to wax a shortboard.

rafaël alewaters says:

When you lay on your board, make sure it is as level as posible, with the nose sticking out of the water a bit. This makes for easier paddling.
For good tutorials, check the SurfingXtreme channel.


Jay Blackburn says:

an you forgot your basecoat

Camilla.Youtube says:

Thanks !

Lee Gamblen says:

That Bird at 3:17

Ramsey ◇ BackGroundGamer says:

where i can buy this surfboard?

Laurence Le Beu St Clair says:

thank you Zed for that info., I am a beginner and own a Torq 7 foot 6″ x 21.1/2″ x 2.7/8″ board is that size a long board ? and what is ment by a rocker ?

irishlostboy says:

What an amazing accent! Each word is a world tour. Cheers for the tut.

Dead poolmonkey says:

i like wax on my rails feels nice when i duck dive

surfr8 says:

Good video!  That is just how I wax my boards.  No base coat, no cross hatching that leaves voids between the lines.  Just up and back, across and make circles.  I use my wax comb to cross hatch grooves if it gets melted and smooth.  I change the wax about twice a year and if it gets real dirty.  Good point: keep the rails, bottom, fins and leash free of wax.  Go get your stoke!

Camilla.Youtube says:

Great totorials, i watched the one for standig up aswell:) But where on the board are you suposed to lay, before standing up? And could you make a totorial on how to duckdive and how to decorate your own board, like with patterns and drawings and what you need to do it? 😛 thanks=) Great videoes!!

Jay Blackburn says:

deffinetly put wax on rails

Robert Walters says:

great video !!!  Mr. Zogg’s is still the only way to fly !!!

Facundo Egidi says:

I dont agree with the wax on the sides, i have a 7,8 and i really need it to place myself into the board when i’m at the break point or trying to get to the spot.

if i dont have the wax on the sides, i can’t place myself properly when the waves are coming (I only put it where my chest is, that’s where i usually grab the board)

M 1 says:

LoL… Are you really serious about this video?

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