Fin Templates for surfboards like the Machado “Seaside & Grovelers” by Noel Salas Ep 1

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In this episode I talk about picking the right fin template for your Groveler. There are many small wave Grovelers to choose from and picking the right fin size and template can be the difference between a good board and a Magic Board.

There are a few basic board attributes in a typical Groveler that I mention in this episode that could help you choose the right fins for your Groveler on the waves you surf.


Geoff Koop says:

Solid review Noel!

Gordon Flash says:

Great review! Really helpfull, learned a lot about fin choice.

charleschannel says:

Great great review Noel, one of my favorite so far. I have a question for you.
What’s the main difference between a daily and a groveler board?
Thanks and keep it up!

Nayda44 says:

Very nice Noel that’s exactly the type of review this page needed! Thanks for accessing my request! It would be awsome to make footages of a wave ridden with the same board but with different fins in order to visualize exactly how it improves or changes the way the board reacts! Thanks and keep ripping!

David Gough says:

Another great piece, but if I may shift subject a bit; your surfing has always been strong and punchy but I’m struck by how smooth you’re getting: economy of body movement, flow, seamless from one maneuver to the next, yet rad. Shows the time you put in and maturity. Pretty amazing, considering how you’re always changing boards and fins. Goes to show that there’s always a way to advance in surfing. Same goes for the show itself.. you guys all deserve mucho credit and thanks.

Hunter Davis says:

The music in the beginning was rocking!!! Great show Noel!

Jeffrey Finnecy says:

Your videos are incredible. After discovering them I’m going to find it hard to buy a board that I haven’t seen you dissect. Have you ever ridden a Hypto Krypto?

Miguel Marquina says:


Youdig surf says:

very insteresting as usual noel, could you speak about combination of medium and large fins in the same setup 😉 and large or medium fins depending on the conditions . for exemple i figured out on my hypto like i like medium fins instead of large (pintail hold), i notice as well that you can get an avantage in paddling when the wave are weak with smaller fins, so im mixing them to conserve as much advantage i can. Another good subjet is the fins foils and the feeling you have gripping the wave on each pump. You could speak as well about the flex or some flex pattern ( fcs say for exemple that gm got a different flex pattern than the regular performer fin. I noticed too on fcs fins there foil on all kind of major template , comparing for exemple sa medium (carver template with cambered foil) to the carver medium (flat foil) and so on. Thanks in advance.

Herald Jessy says:

amazing video , just made a replica of the seaside its a 5.5 but I cant find the right fins here in brazil . would you consider the seasides original fins a pivot fin ? thank for the amazing video have a great one !!

Yarai Mendez says:

noel i got a neckbeard 2 and got jjf alpha medium fins. i was wanting to get the f8 alphas. the waves here in the winter are usually 6-10 ft fat and slopey. just wanted your thoughts on fins you think would work well.

D F says:

Excellent stuff thank you. Ive been surfing 30yrs and this fin stuff can be insanely confusing and frustrating, this helps. I honestly have to wonder how big of a difference in board feel and perfomance each fin would make, i obviously cant afford to try all these different ones so ANY kind of help is much appreciated. Something i found interesting is Conner Coffin uses the same fin on all his boards, wonder if any other pros do the same. Thats how it used to be.

Daniel Hansen says:

Awesome.I can hold a board under my arm and have some idea how it’s going to go yet I look at a fin and it’s a complete guess

Xisco Morey Serantes says:

Amazing review. Clear, concise and to the point. Excellent job and even better surfing. Keep it up!!!

Rob Hoppe says:

Hi Noel, what fins do you recommend for the Neckbeard 2 ? I just ordered one and will use it for medium size sectiony waves…Thank you

Fausto Leto says:

Hey man, excellent video. Do you think you will ever do a video of your personal quiver?

Christian69James says:

Great job Noel, this is right up my alley. This past year has been the hardest for me to figure out fin wise with all the new templates and constructions. Thanks for all your input and personal responses, I appreciate it…cheers.

The Surf Station says:

Good music, very good information, excellent surfing, Great review!

joe Dirt says:

Are you going to review the same with FCS.? Great Content Thanks.

JorgeAndresCoppiano. says:

Great vid Noel! Good point on the same area and rake variations. And in honeycomb. Comparing this medium templates: AM1, R6, JJF Medium, and F6, what’s the order from most to least rake?


Another Great Video!!!

Zac Wojnar says:

Good job dude, thanks again for the info

Dthraco says:

SUPER CLEAR explanation. Best I think I’ve heard or seen before. Great work! Dude…the 4K camera in your studio is unbelievably clear and hi-def.

Troy Robinson says:

nice info. I wonder if the neutral f8 and f5 is same as regular f8 and F5?

Harry H says:

Great timing!! Took me ages to get to sleep last night because I was thinking of what fins to buy for my new phantom.
I’ll be hanging for the next reviews

Jon Salvador says:

another epic one, thanks

David Valdes says:

Hi Noel, which category would you put the Kolohe FCS fins in? I’m currently riding Merrick Twin plus 1 on my Rocket Wide, but curious about a different feel. Thanks for another great review.

Hu Man says:

Noel!!!! Totally off topic but you’ve totally nailed audio. It sounds great now, and your production value raised a few clicks! Keep it up!

Ricardo Laranjeira says:

One quick question Noel, I`m used to 26 liters boards, more or less, but just recently bought a board, a firewire greedy beaver with almost 30 liters of volume. Usually i use Fcs Medium, do you think it`s best for me to use a large fcs fin on this board? I feel the board lacks a bit of pivot in quick transitions from the base of the wave to the lip. Thank you for any kind of onformations that you can provide me. Keep up with the good work. Once again, amazing video. Cheers from Portugal 😉

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