Britt Merrick talks about Dane Reynold’s new “Neck Beard 2” by CI Surfboards Vlog Ep.15

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In this episode Aarron and I cruise up to Carpentaria, CA to hang with Britt Merrick and get the inside scoop on Dane Reynolds’ NEW Pro model the “Neck Beard 2”.

So fun to hang with Britt and get a shapers perspective on board design and how he creates boards for a surfer so talented like Dane.

Channel Islands also pulls some strings for us to use some footage from Stab’s new film on Dane Reynolds “The Electric Acid Surfboard Test.”
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Special thanks to CI, Britt Merrick, and Stab for making this episode so special. Enjoy!!!


emmcey says:

nice review as always, but its Glass Ons. lol

Thomas V. says:


Paul Carter says:

As a hand Shaper since 1993 I enjoy the insight with other shapers. Great tips and reviews guys thanks

Luke Roman says:

what size does BRITT ride him being 6’6?! i didn’t realize he was so big guy would really help me to know how to size this up bieng close to his height and guessing weight

George Pemberton says:

Tell him not to water down boards for the public, I love riding weird shit I don’t want it to feel like another thruster.

B Y says:


Rodolfo Li says:

Hey Noel. Do you know about the “Pura Vida” model?. I am from Costa Rica and from what I understand, it’s a model inspirared in Costa Rica. It will be amazing to see something about it. I watch your shows almost every night, sometimes over and over. I am amazed with the technology surf as now a days. Regards

Derek Roy says:

Just finished my first hand-shape, and videos like this give me so much inspiration. Thank you!

gilbertrockstv says:

Yew! Sick interview Noel!

Jaime Guzman says:

Neck Beard 2 or Rocket Wide ?

JorgeAndresCoppiano. says:

That’s a great video, great song, and some great surfing! Love your input and looking forward to the full review video.

Noel, for a great groveller, a Sampler, a Holy Grail, or a NB2? At 5’11 and 32 ltrs



Blade Runner says:

Great show. Channel island, it’s a legend. Your channel is improving Noel. thanks for those analysis. we learn a lot.

wjb96707 says:

Brada youre ripping on that thing! Very pleasing to the eye!

gustavo cutillas says:

you should try a foil

Kapukataumahaka Owheo says:

Also… what is your preference: the EPS stringered construction or the Spinetek construction for the NB2? And do you think a more raked fin like the AM2 or a more upright fin like the John John Teckflex with the NB2? Much appreciated

IkoPB says:

Awesome! I love the cisurfboards! And I love this kind of interview with the shaper. I miss the different between materials, but it’s perfect anyway! Your surf is amazing with this board! Thanks a lot! I’ll order one in spike tec I think.

Luke says:

Noel what are your favorite boards of 2018?. please list. Thanks .

Kapukataumahaka Owheo says:

Loving your reviews man!!! Given you have had a bit of experience with the NB2 could you pass on your insight with regards to sizing. I have noticed with some of your recent boards, like the Gremlin, you are going an inch longer than the stock dims but reducing the volume down to the size below. You mentioned this is to create a little more rail line. I am 6 foot tall and 203llb and keen to order a custom NB2 at 32.3L. Either a 5’9 that is a little wider at 19 3/4 X 2 9/16 or a 5’10 that is a little narrower at 19 1/2 X 2 9/16. In your experience do you think a NB2 would be better ridden (at the same volume) an inch shorter and slightly wider or an inche longer and slightly narrower? Thanks man!

Zac Wojnar says:


ncsam 000000 says:


Zach Waddill says:

It’s all in their heads.

chicoxiba says:

Kelly Slater should still be riding All Merricks.. I bet that he’d look better surfing his goto board Merrick.. First wave denounce

Connor Pearson says:

Do you ever review some of the local shapers’ boards? I’m in SD, but I’ve heard about older shapers like Timmy Patterson and Chris Kaysen, also newer guys like Matt Parker. Around SD, there are a lot of good shapers too. It seems like Sharpeye is the only smaller name shaper you review.

Joseph McGinity says:

Can you review the new lost sabotaj

Offthe Lip says:

I have the original neckbeard. Had the board for 5-6 years now, and still love it and surf it often. Surfed it so much the board is super yellow, has tons of pressure dings. It’s time for the NB 2. Thanks Noel.

Angus Chen says:

Hi Noel, can you review the new tomo Hydronaut board, please? I’m dying to hear a good honest take on that board and see someone actually surf it. You make the best board reviews!!!

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