WOO kiteboarding performance tracker review and testing

This new WOO device for tracking your jump height for kitesurfing/kiteboarding.
My rough and ready review and testing is not perfect, but hopefully its useful for anyone considering buying one of these.

I had my doubts about its ability to gauge your height from the inertial recorders, but it looks like its not to far off.
Watch the test till the end to see more.


KiteChris1980 says:

amazing Spot 🙂 When is the best month for many windy days?

Purple Munky says:

Nice review

robbyboyo says:

Fitbit for the sea 🙂

3rba says:

great review, thanks

Marco says:

Hi, i bought one of these tracker but i have an issue, maybe you can help me. In the app under “My Woo” Section I can see the tracker is connected und shows me battery and reg-number of WOO. But i never saw a “Download Session” Button. I tried a different one but the same issue.
What’s wrong? I never got feedback of woo support :-/

biscuitsalive says:

UPDATE! My original WOO corroded and stopped working, they replaced it under warranty, but I had to pay £50 for a new one. (version 2) I would highly recommend that people rinse their woo off after every session with fresh water. and i even add a little vaseline to the metal contacts now… to make the new one last longer.

Christopher Dunkley says:

looks like a nice kitespot

Ilias Tzanetoulakos says:

Hi i placed my mount length wise next to my handle is that ok ?

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