WOO 3 Jumps Higher than WOO 2? Kiteboarding Sensor Review

In this video we review the WOO Sports kiteboarding jump sensor! The first half of this video we cover WOO2 vs WOO3 and the difference in reported jump heights between the two devices. The second half of this video covers the accuracy of the WOO when it comes to detecting and measuring kiteboarding jumps.

Special thanks for starting the conversation on this topic to:

We Test Kites – https://www.wetestkites.com/2018/05/21/woo-3-0-game-over/

Evan at Kiteforum – http://kiteforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=2399553&hilit=woo&sid=00c74a7fea90f2cc18ad6737f894f825

SalmonSlayer at Kiteforum – http://www.kiteforum.com/viewtopic.php?t=2400791

P.S. We have 201 synchronized videos with Excel spreadsheets available for anyone who is willing to collaborate with us for future analysis!

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meow says:

I am pretty confident you could also find a 5-10% difference in measurements when comparing two woo devices from the same series. It seems like that you are claiming that the woo3 measures 8% higher in general by calling it an unfair game and requesting a firmware update?

How can you be sure that is not about your particular models?

Nikita Pilgun says:

Awesome video you guys! Love watching your stuff! I agree that multiple devices should reconfirm your findings further but I have also noticed that my jumps are higher with woo 3 vs woo 2. Shame on woo if they purposely skewed the numbers higher to bring more excitement and therefore business. I hope there is a firmware update that normalizes all versions of devices. I believe there is a simple algorithm update needed.

PKuster says:

kompare with the piq pleas 😀

RipATrip #letsrip says:

ALL ABOUT THE DATA! We love this.

Sage Mann says:

Great analysis. Thanks

supericeman2222 says:

Amazing amount of work involved there. Fortunately my highest is from woo1. I would propose that your results are skewed because foil kites and foil boards are not supported by woo apparently.
“Foil kiting is not a supported sport for the WOO. We cannot in any capacity validate the integrity of these results as the product was not designed for this use. ”


Armin Harich says:

Well done the comparison. Thank you.

checker 1o1 says:

Thats a lot of effort you guys did there. But for me a woo System is just way to expensive…

Nemo Taylor says:

Also keep it up with the videos, maybe do Trace or other tech …

bowmosexual says:

Hmm you should’ve used a wide range of devices too, might be just a dodgy pair of Woo’s.

Nuno Stru says:

nice work guys

Luis Simões says:

Great Review!! Some of the issues you revel, I have already notice, when our group joins to air sessions in strong wind, with someone filming. I notice also, comparing the scores with Xensr the diferences are even higher. And since the woo is based on giroscope with an algorithm, and the xensr a gps sensor, some time i notice new jumps, jumps not so higher, mostly the jumps are lower in the xensr, witch I think are more likely to have happend. The woo have a great advantage of simplicity to download to a smartphone and share with the friends over a beer!
Do you coonsiderer to compare woo and xensr?
Nice job!

Matthew Moir says:

Do the gopro’s and revl as well!

Jaksa Cvitanic says:

It would have been useful also to compare to PIQ. Except for occasionally recording a very high non-existent jump, or (quite rarely) missing a jump, I’ve had good experience with it (but lower readings than my WOO3 friends, but that can just be me!).

Ralph Bulau says:

Oh Gott, was kann ich jetzt noch glauben? Nach der Diesel Abgas Affäre jetzt auch noch der Woo Eklat, man wird ja nur noch beschissen! ZUm Glück habe ich mich nicht am Verkauf der Woo´s beteiligt, sonst müsste ich jetzt allen das Geld zurück zahlen.
Oh my God, what can i still belive by now? After german Diesel Airpolution Affair, now the Woo Eklat, you just got cheeted every where. For God´s sake i never sold any Woo to the Customers, other wise i would have to give back all the money to them.

Norman Haggan says:

This is great bit of work and has all the facts to back what you are saying. I’m sure all manufacturers of these devices will not like what you have posted. I’ve used the North PIQ and have noticed massive issues in my jumps vs a friends readings. It’s all a money making racked. Plus we loss sight of why we do this sport. For the that feeling of flying regardless of height as long you are having fun. Ditch the tech and enjoy your next session. Good winds to all.

Rita Kite says:

Ha, so on the money. I have compared also, both with 2 2.0s and 2.0 v 3.0 I find that my 3.0 is almost the same as 2.0 however, it seems like the latest ones to come out definitely read higher than what it looks like people are actually jumping. I agree with throwing out biggest jump and averaging the higher jumps. That’s when I know I had a good sesh is when I have multiple big jumps, not just one random big one. Nice job guys.

5n2 says:

Woo – is a kite arcade. Goal is to reach highscore. Of course where was no waiting, what it measures height. =) If you start to play, you must agree, what sometimes it is not your skills, it is your luck. Awesome video. Thank you for great work.

Pete Jones says:

I tested my woo 3, lifting it repeatedly from floor height to my maximum reach over and over again, at varying speeds and with the woo at different angles.
The results were that it did miss some ‘jumps’; especially those where i moved it slowly, but seemed pretty robust to expected changes of orientation.
The jumps all came in within 20cm of each other, in the range 2.3m to 2.5m.
Try it yourself, or look me up on Woo – Pete Jones, my session is recorded there a couple of days ago, named ‘Test’
I have matching video footage also.

Oskar Hellsing says:

After analyzing a dozen or so units and users in our comunity, we have reached a few conclutions.
1. Woo does not work very well on a foil board. Woo them self has also stated this.
2. Woo 1/2 seems to miss more jumps when the rider is using a foil kite due to the often very soft landings. Not sure how the v.3 works with this.
3. All Woos are not created equal! I’ve done a bit of testing with 2 different Woo 3.0 on the same board. They vary dramaticly, so much that you can’t really say that 3.0 jumps higher than 2.0. It depends on your individual Woo. So if you want to get on the top spot, try a few different devices, one will most likley give you one or a few extra meters.
4. If your session feel of, report it to Woo, they will look at it and remove any “incorrect readings”.

We only talk about “Woo meters” now since it’s not the most accurate device ever conceived…

Alex Smith says:

I know how high I jump by how fucking stoked I feel at the end of a sesh! The amount of kiters I see after a session pissed off that they didn’t get the Woo result they wanted, what do they want? Do they want to measure their happiness by some numbers printed on a phone screen.

feritall says:

Boo WOO!! Lol

TheDvdspeler says:

Woo does not measure height. Woo approaches hight by math and accelerometer. Conclusion: learn to enjoy the moment!

Moron says:

Awesome reporting! That is some serious scientific analysis. Yes, I want more of that.

kite666G says:

I’ve been kiting for 18 years never used a woo and never will it just spoils the pure fun of kiteboarding!

Chris Purcell says:

I have the Woo 2.0 and the 3.0 and this video is a good representation of what I’ve seen in my experience as well. Almost every jump is way too high, and even more so on the Woo 3.0 to the point where’s it a useless device. What if the Woo people actually developed an accurate algorithm, would they even want to use it? An accurate Woo would put you at a significant disadvantage in competing with other Woo users on the leaderboards.

Joao Guilherme says:

Unfortunately Woo is VERY inaccurate… It does not measure height. It estimates, based on accelerometer. What we see everyday is beginners jumping 2 or 3 meters and Woo telling them they are going 7… 9 meters.. Sold mine.. waiting for improvements in technology

Frode Hernes says:

I did my own testing, 5 sessions, about 300 jumps with Woo2 and Woo3 side-by side. Mine were much more similar, most jumps within 3-5% difference, but Woo3 definitely had more outliers, a few as much as 30% higher than with the Woo2, – there are a couple of sessions I did not save, – to still have a chance to beat my own record on a good day.

In your review, the one outlier you focus on, – seems that it reported 3s too early take-off and a few meters too high jump, – which may fit with the Woo blog comment that they detect the landing, then search back for the take-off, and then compute the curve (?)

Jason Yetley says:

Send them back to Woo. GPS tracking is more interesting, accurate, and meaningful. Give use a device that tracks out rides, by date, location, distance, duration, and discipline (surf,tt,foil,sand,snow,etc). Boasting about in accurate information is bullshit!

Luke F says:

While I do support your technical approach to data collection, I think that more information is required to complete your analysis. My feelings are that you’re missing the most important detail to your product comparison – how the woo actually generates it’s numbers. If it is an accelerometer(6 axis or single axis?) or gps or gyroscope or all three. Once you have a better understanding of how it works, you’ll be able to discern why you get certain values for certain jumps. My belief is that body & board position during accent will drastically affect results depending on the technology present inside the woo. You’re on the right track but your data is incomplete.

Martin Nolte says:

Boo Woo!

Great video by the way. I love the amount of effort you went through to put this together. Very thorough. Every jump recorded on video, wow…
By the way, your vlogs are great. I have watched some of your older holiday videos and really enjoy your vlogs much more. Please keep them up. I know it’s not easy to record each session, but as a 50+ progressing kite boarder, they certainly motivate me to get out on the water.

Fabrizio Perri says:

very good video, and good work.. couple of suggestions to improve measurement.. how about taking the median jump? or instead always ride with 2 or 3 woos and then take the average across the three devices and then take the max.. just kidding.. I find the woo a really fun device even though I am pretty sure that it has a 10-20% measurement error.. but work like yours might push the company to improve it! keep them!

Dutch Dashcam Video says:

just ordered the woo 10.0 so I now can jump over 50m

Jayden Savage says:

Any chance I could have a spreadsheet of your data? So far every lot of data I’ve looked at, both individually and combined – including all of wetestkites’ data, has shown no difference for higher jumps (over 10m).

Matthieu Charpentier says:

Nice video but :

-Testing a Woo with a foil is pointless because it is not supported as per say the CEO of Woo and the readings are not fair to the other users (much higher readings)

-The 2 WOOs are not placed ideally on the board (one on each rail) and this can result in very different readings (should be placed in the center)

-I feel like tubeless kites don’t jump the same at all… but i don’t know the consequences to the Woo readings.

-Jumping in front of the camera and trying to mesure from the take off point is far from accurate because depending if you go to the camera or away from it while in the air, even if the jump is the same height, one is gonna look higher than the other… because of perspective.

Anyway, it is a fun device regardless of accuracy

Nemo Taylor says:

Awesome work! Really appreciated, and hopefully the Woo team takes this as hard but needed medicine. They should hire you haha. We all like the Woo and big air but it’s essential it’s accurate, I know many people have gotten soured because they pretty much knew this was going on. If Woo improves accuracy it will end up getting them more sales in the long run.

Dave Dave says:

Were all your tests done on foil kites? Using both LEI and foil kites I know that the woo always over estimates the height on my jumps with the foil kite (probably something to do with the increased float that skews the numbers). I also notice that on a foilboard if you have a nice landing it doesn’t even register it as a jump.

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