Soloshot3 vs Cameraman for Kiteboarding Review

If you want to film your kiteboarding sessions, should you go with the Soloshot3 camera that tracks your movement and records automatically, or should you go old school and rely on your friends to film your sessions? Check out our full Soloshot3 review with side-by-side comparison clips.



Camera Gear:

GoPro Line Mount:
GoPro Mouth Mount:






Adrian Kerr says:

6.43 ! Why not to use a board leash….. interesting video quality difference.

mongriff12 says:

If you’re kiting by yourself and you set up the Soloshot in any remotely public place, it feels like eventually someone is going to steal it. That’s what happens with unlocked bicycles far less expensive than this camera. Soloshot does have some times (similar to protecting bicycles), but as you can imagine those require even more setup time and complexity. Besides, is kiteboarding not a social sport and kiting solo can be dangerous?


Thanks for your detailed feedback! We’d like to make sure you’ve updated to the latest software as of April 4th. We never intended to replace your $1,000 DSLR or the dedicated and skilled cameraman that operates it. For many of us, trying to find or hire someone to stand on a beach or sideline for hours on end as they aim a camera is a big problem. This is why we launched SOLOSHOT. Our solution is only getting better as our software team constantly innovates and delivers valuable new features and improvements to our customers through regular software updates. Thanks and happy filming! – Team SOLOSHOT P.S. Software update info:

JetSurfing Nation says:

I used soloshot3 for my jetsurfing videos and even with low or no wind I found it completely useless due to shaky unusable footage that we can’t avoid. This is jut not worth the hassle of setting everything up, charging, calibration and then getting cellphone quality unusuable footage with shake. I never used it since my review.

Kiefff n RC says:

Awesome video, thank you for sharing it. For now, I will stay away from it.

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