Progressive Manta Kiteboard Review with flysurfer speed

Just a short video to test out my new light wind board from progressive sports called the Manta 144X45 . Overall I was very happy with the board and the price of $299 complete with straps was very reasonable compared to other boards out there. It works very well as a light wind board and allows u to float over momentary lapses in power from the kite.


David Collins says:

Wish I had seen the Manta when I bought my first board 3 years ago. It was also a Progressive, but the Twinsurf. Looked cool, but a real pooch. Terrible to learn on. It was big at 150cm, but oval with no corners. Made going upwind a real chore. Probably added 6 months to my learning curve. Now have and use almost exclusively a CrazyFly LW 160×44, but I am 220lb so I need more surface area than your average rider.

Colorado Kite Sports says:

Nice – I’ve always been curious about the Progressive boards

David Collins says:

what type and size speed were you on? how much do you weigh? always important info.

Colin Bryant says:

I want to learn how to kite surf

Reuben Witt says:

I also own the Manta by Progressive with all of its 149X47 glory! This thing is like butter when the wind is lighter. Compared to a normal twin tip size, this thing carves up wind very easily (even in 9-11 miles/hr) when others are beached! Very happy with it so far. I look forward to getting into surf boards also. One thing I did was move the bindings to the most middle setting. I am a big guy and have big stance, but because this board is so big, moving the straps closer allows it to get a good flex, which is when the board really opens up and shines! Have fun!

David Collins says:

Oh, you say you want to see that CrazyFly board in action ? OK.

If the top looks strange, it’s cause I found the CrazyFly design so hideous I covered in in shelf paper and black plastic spray paint. Sucks to pay 500 dollars for a board and have its graphics make you a bit nauseous. They are made in Slovenia, I believe, and apparently they have not been informed the 80’s was over 27 years ago…

David Collins says:

Why did I buy the Twinsurf you ask ? It was 299.00 on Ebay and it was big, looked bad ass and I didn’t know what I was doing. I seen the Mantas on Ebay now also for 299.00. That is probably a good deal. The Twinsurf was a crap deal which is probably why they don’t sell them anymore. Of course, I also bought a 15.5m Batwing from Windwing a couple of years ago. Never heard of Windwing ? Yeah, probably cause they made crap kites and went out of business. Cool looking kites though. Sometimes, I’m a real idiot.

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