Kiteboard buying tips KEVVLOG #18

Never know what a good kiteboard is? Here are some tips to know what to look for when buying a new board. Also a little update on my ankle. Looks like I can go on the water again within the next few weeks.

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Naish Monarch:×41/

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Bas Schelfhorst says:

I love my 2016 MONARCH BOARD… Too bad the new monarch is UGLY! Perhaps naish can reintegrate the king of hawaii again in the new 2018 design!

Looking forward to hear abt yr favorite kites; beside the obvious Torch 🙂

Jacob Tune says:

Have you kited in Perth, Australia. If you haven’t would you consider it?
Its a great place in summer for kiting, with a very consistent sea-breeze.

Iain Macaskill says:

Good work fella, if you have the time two quick questions I’d like to hear your view on, do you ride with the same binding angles on all your boards? How do you adjust your straps for boots, I always find riding in wet boots like dancing in wellies.

kiterJ says:

what do you look for in a TT footstrap. Also how do you choose your surfboard 🙂

Rick Rackow says:

to me always a bit problematic when you’re sponsored/endorsed but besides that, it’s a cool video as usual

Mads Thirsgaard says:

Would you ever use boots?

Thomas Stewart says:

Kevin, why do you have a 132 and a 135 board? In what conditions do you use either? Also, how do you get all those bags on the plane?!! Most airlines limit how much sporting equipment you can bring

KillGuest says:

more gear videos pleaase!! Enjoyed this vlog, looking forward to more! You can elaborate on which kites, lines and bars you use for which conditions and also practical tips like carrying everything around and setting up and stuff.. No need to make tutorials, vlogging your style of doing these things is interesting. Cheers, keep it up.

Jan David says:

Great video, Kevin. Could you please tell us more about your wave boards, especially what size and type you use in what conditions?

meow says:

my feet are too big for the Apex – can you recommend an alternative with similar adjustability?

Bella Kellett says:

love your vids keep it up!!!

Ian Collenette says:

cool, i like shorter boards……. wakeboards are giant… just snapped my ankle on friday kiting and got it bolted back together – rolled it on the strapless surfboard coming in from a hot landing, no weight bearing sucks sooo hard! :-0

HANNES says:

very nice vlog i love your videos

Bradley Strahm says:

Kite buying guide next?

Moritz Gerhold says:

Is it possible to go big with the slash?

kiterJ says:

Kev love the vids – tells us more about your gear and going big techniques etc cheers 🙂

Alex Sht. says:

how about some workout routine vlog?

John Doe says:

Nice! Do you use bigger board if you are ridding boots?

Tomas Kryska says:

dude .. tell us more about your gear, I would love to watch that.. big up

Alexandre Valiquette says:

What are the price range?
What are the mistake to avoid?
Please, any good “kite buying video” to sugest?

Seb says:

hey go to tarifa in Spain it’s great and I love the place!!

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