How low can a TWINTIP go? | Kiteboard Review Spleene Monster Door

Light wind kiting! We all know the hydrofoils have the best low-end characteristics. The question is What if I don’t want to Hydrofoil, what would be my best low-end? So we made a test. How low can a twintip go? Enjoy and have a good one. Cheers!

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Retail offers Spleene Monster Door 166 (carbon version)

Retail offers Foil Kite
Flysurfer Sonic2 18m on 27m lines

Hydrofoil board
Woody Cookie Wave on a 75cm mast (custom made in Scheveningen)

Electric drive
Mellow boards


Mordechai Rudofsky says:

Buyers Beware! Spleene 2018 Monster Door delivered with damage and defects. Edges were crunched over, as there was no protective packing material included to protect the board during shipment. Furthermore, shortly after initial use, the board split at the fin. Spleene refuses to take responsibilty for shipping damages and manufacturing defects.

Nickolay Dobrev says:

You should have guys tested a Kilaia board in these light conditions!
A heavy weight – light wind – shallow water – one and only solution 😉

samuel caillault says:

Slingshot H5 foil with simulator and neo 9m 6-8kts for flying my 73kg or Naish Alaia/wainman passport 5’11 and 14,5 wainman start flying at 8kts

bimbo says:

I don’t have a hydrofoil 🙁 costs too much

drew bee says:

Good try thou

autokanada says:

Looks like dogs had most fun here!

Jay Trombler says:

Love your reviews! Funny and informative. Please do a review of the New Ozone single skin foil kite. Also, please check in with Monjet to see how far they’ve progressed. Not much on their website.
Thanks! And keep fun coming!

David L says:

You guys need to work on your foil kite technique first thing is depower the kite in light winds second on the upstroke u must push the bar out a little to let the kite breathe and accelerate. It was definately doable on the twintip.

RobbyCrash says:

Now who’s your daddy Andre 😉

Kiting Holger says:

Honestly I’ve never seen ever anybody riding with Twintip at 6 knts….did you actually measure the wind or guess? I’m 95 kg and could stay upwind at 10knts with a 166 Spleene Door and 17m Core xr3. I sold the door because it had not enough flex in the tips – my knees started to hurt after a few minutes when it got choppy at 13-14 knts. Now riding the Nobile Flying Carpet – lighter and rides like a regular board ( not like a table…;-).
I think my lower limit is determined by the kite – the soft kites are more stable and safe to fly at below 10 knts than a tube kite … But risk remains: when wind drops a little bit, kite may drop on water and impossible to relaunch… maybe time for the kiter to show his/her swimming skills

Ronagery says:

Nxt time try with a tiny dude. Like 60kg. Btw how heavy is that door ( and is it full carbon ? )

daniel gresl says:

Ive done 6knots on a 136 cf raptor ltd with a fs boost2 15m, but im 65k

Unit-01 says:

First time i heard someone saying:
We had to wait all day until the wind droped

JF Gagnon says:

I have been riding the Spleene Door for 10 years I can do about 5 to 6 knots with a 22M Foil kite and about the same low-end wind range with a 15M Airush Ultra and a hydrofoil (Shinn P wing) much more fun with the foil! I am a 100kg.

Kite rider says:

5knt with a sonic 2, 18m and a double agent. Pain included

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