How low can a TUBE KITE go? Light wind kite review.

Light wind kites. How low in knots can a tube kite go? We did a light wind kite test. Started with 12m kites and a hydrofoil, couldn’t ride under 9 knots. In this clip I tried a 15m North Mono on long lines. Went down to 6 knots of wind. Under 6 knots. I still needed a light weight foil kite to get me on the hydrofoil. What is your experience? Please comment below or share it on

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Simone Terra says:

hi! I was following all ur light wind tests, to search the best kite for lw hydrofoil. what do u think about strutless tube kites, like cloud/ rrd emotion / airush zero. what is the lw limit?

Ruud Overwater says:

Mijn lichtweer kite deze vakantie is een 8m met 20m. ± 18kn en een performance shortboard begint het leuk te worden 🙂 Ze vliegen hier dan al met 2.5m2 tube kites en een board met een vleugel.

racerrs125 says:

6Knots peak measured, with 10meter star kite,27m lines, wide foil board. 165# rider. kite loop to start…then the foil speed made the kite power.

Kitetender says:

Mooi man! goed verhaal

Dennis Boom says:

Nice Stef! Ben benieuwd naar je gewicht en een plaatje van je foil profielen (Y)
Waar ga je meestal foilen? Ik zoek nog een leuk/geschikt plekje

Zen0xious says:

You didn’t tell us one of the most important pieces of information… your weight.

sven vdk says:

12m enduro op 25m lijnen gaat tot 8 knopen

Cédric Morelle says:

Nice review, I hate big tube kite, because of the lack of turning speed and the few sensation you got in bar while playing with size higher than 10m square. Before I start to practice Hydrofoil, my bigger tube kite was 10m² Best TS. I didn’t used it for more than 8 month. With a 8m² Best TS I’m able to get out with a wave foil configuration at 9/10knot in wet win, like the one you got in your review.

I started to own a Speed5 12m², without being convinced I would enjoy ride in low wind, and now, I’m the owner of a Sonic2 13m², which is the BEST EVER kite I ever got, and which allow me to hydrofoil with my 82kg, in less than 6knots with a 570 cm² front-wing (which is a small one). I’m able to reach 27 knots (GPS) with 6knots running with this configuration. I would never be able to get out in 6 knots with a regular tube kite.

Have a look on some great picture I got at

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