Longboard Surfing Mr Rodgers | Sunny Californian Hang Ten

Mick Rodgers takes his new Bing model (aka ‘Mr Rodgers’) for a spin in sunny California, with sounds from Walt Grizzy… Filmed by Ruwac Productions (http://goo.gl/hVCuJA)
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Surfer: Mick Rodgers
Music: ‘Walt grizzly’ song ‘evening roor’.
Additional Water Shots: C.Sutton & M.Rodgers

A Ruwac Productions
Blog : http://ruwacproduction.blogspot.co.uk
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Jake McNellis says:

Meteor Strike at 1:12

Kristen Kay says:

1:43 ♥

Maitê Fernanda Rocha de Campos says:

o que é que cai no mar por volta de  1 minuto e 10 seg? alguem percebeu? é uma pessoa?

Matthew Mackey says:

ayyy i live here

ReyStone High says:

style is created by the individual and music that is heard by the person that seeks a voice. 

Tom Hanks says:

wtf at 1:11

Rewbert Pestana says:

Show! MElhor ainda em 1:12 aquela ave foi fantastica!

readeray says:

Great surfing and nice editing.  But all the props, old stick shift truck (check); white guy – affluent suburb -inner city rap ( check, please how much longer);  blah blah blah ( pelican diving at 1;12; that’s how they eat sometimes)

Jamie Venton says:

love it great video great tricks and great edit 

Jose Garcia says:

1. California surfing- California hip hop
2. longboarding smooth riding- smooth slow beat n good rhyme scheme
3. pretty sure mick Rodgers digs the song so it doesn’t matter what u guys think lol

bill bellychik says:

great music video

Luke Melby says:

why isn’t mick in the duct tape

tim say surf says:

I like this it was auper sick

John Adams says:

This guy is the shit! The music is smoooooth – just like that man straight chillin on that longboard… dance with it…

Ivanasukalot says:


Jair Phreed says:

Great video but what’s with the shitty rap music ????

Liad Shtanski says:

WTF is falling to the water in 1:12

Longboardsinglefin says:

Moulded boards suck. Depressing.

T MATT says:

what’s with the moon cricket music?

unclejack123 says:

surfer: nervous like Dewey Weber…..splash: Brown Pelicans…….sound track: thanks mute…….

colin ignat says:

1:33 ???

Bryan Agostini says:


Mratl131 says:

All these people saying they hated the music? Fuck that. It fit the film perfectly.

Boots And Pots says:

anybody saw that giant bird diving in the top left corner at 1:12 ?

xyz bcd says:

is there a tracklist? 😉

Maitê Fernanda Rocha de Campos says:

what falls into the sea about 1 minute and 10 seconds ? anyone notice? a person?

大森寛之 says:


Liad Shtanski says:

whats the song’s name ?

olivier c says:

Petites vagues sympa, du style, la classe…

Jack Ewing says:

Sick video, but did anyone notice the massive bird going in the water a 1:12?

Robert Williams says:

Don’t like rap. But that’s smooth and right. Love me some longboardin’.

Jaime Lopez says:

What is the size of that board?

Nicholas Hale says:

That’s so sick!

yzr says:


Gemunokyoso says:

Love don’t love nobody, drugs don’t love nobody, so why ya put that shit in yo body

austin cossio says:

What is the name of this song?!!!

Al Paca says:


Enzio Schoffer says:

Great edits. Simply put, a quality video.

nick d says:

What type of car is that?

Geoff Coombs says:

Love this clip smooth logging with a smooth track

Hippy in the city says:

the piano is literally Alicia keys unbreakable, after forever of trying to figure it out, I did

MrSeeMAC says:

The sounds track is soo good! dope video

Dombomb says:


BARF .RAKE says:

garbage music

Hollow Chili says:

What beach is this?

Kristella Joy Gutierrez says:

Wow. So smooth. Great surfer, music and video!

Yak Motley says:

Awesome video!

Camila Gotuzzo Barrios says:

What song is that?

Ben Polson says:

1:12 is that a bird? so sick. Real nice footwork man!

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