Intro to Nose Riding – The Cross Step

Improve Your Surfing Now –

Surf Coach Brent shows us how to get started cross-stepping our longboard so that we can learn to noseride!

Learning how to nose ride a longboard is one of the most important tricks if you want to call yourself a real long-boarder.

Remember, you want to cross step a surfboard not shuffle step.




ParticleLad says:

i am def trying this tomorrow. i tried nose riding a couple of times with okay results, but i think this will improve my skill. thanks mate! Cheers!

christine pini says:

These videos have been so helpful! Thanks! Going from new Jersey waves to santa cruz so I need to up my game!

Peter Bowman says:

good points! Makes sense.

Ashley Zequeida says:

is it possible to noseride in a 7’4 board?

Connor Pearson says:

Great intro. Could you give some advice on reading the wave and being able to tell when to step forward or backward?

That’s my biggest hang-up. I’ll cross step to the front and then scramble to get back because the wave closes out.

Also, wave quality is probably an important point you didn’t talk about. It’s easier to surf Malibu than a closeout like El Porto.

Jessica Cole says:

thx! on surf team and am supposed to do some longboard maneuvers, but dunno how 🙁

SomeUrbanNinja says:

Step one, buy a Noseriding Longboard… Large Middle Fin. It is possible to do with less, but very difficult.

Joe surfer says:

I did this exact technique yesterday of just taking one cross step and twice my balls got stuck between my legs somehow and I racked myself. (I am serious). Im bow legged also so I wonder if that was the problem.

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