Hamboard’s review of “the Classic” the original landsurfer

This is a skate board review for Hamboards “Classic” model done by all the Hamborg boys. Available at http://hamboards.com, “the Classic” captures the essence landsurfing. This series of videos will help you determine which Hamboard is the perfect longboard to add to your collection.

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Cinematography by Josh Colegrove


MLG doge says:

best freestyle longboard ever m90

eion fesenmaier says:

where can i get a ham board and how much do they cost

Schnittwin says:

he likes because it can cruise? yeah i need that board to be able to cruse


do you get in trouble riding on the city streets?

Dora Aispuro says:

can u go down hill with this??

Peaches says:

They are very expensive. Upwards of 700 dollars. You can find them online.

Nathan Durst says:


sheldorder3te says:

Omg, that is realy expensive O_o, but so so great anyway.

Michael Li says:

I don’t see the point of this board.  It’s huge for no reason.  It seriously just looks like it’s made for the ego and people who don’t want to put in the extra effort to learn on an actual dancer board.   For $700…hell fkn no.  They keep advertising it like it will do the crosstep trick for you so it’s targeted to absolute beginners who don’t know anything about the sport, or market yet.  Don’t spend the $700 guys…

kakka naama says:


Enjuik says:

traditional it’s pretty small than this

Oka Mohammad says:

It like SURFING!!

MrAngusboy says:

97 mm I thought 107 mm on the wheels and I didn’t know you can almost pool skate these. I want one even more now that I saw that maneuver on the banked wall 🙂

Jake McCoy is right but I am going to add this says:

This looks cool for cruising on a beach boardwalk. Everywhere else, you will look like a clown. Also, a big reason I skateboard is because it is way more portable than a bike, and getting a skateboard stolen is not the end of the world because it is relatively cheap. This thing eliminates those advantages.

G Boltlier says:

Love them

hi bob says:

They’re meant to be fast as hell, safe, more stable, and basically everything that comes with being able to walk and lay down on a board. The goal is to do fast rides around your neighborhood, not walk with it for a while. When I go walking to a place, I bring a skateboard/ penny board.

Ethan Rhanielle says:

“That wheel” is an abec 11 flywheel.

skeleton leopard says:


Steven Seagondollar says:

+Joaquin Ramirez +Jared Costa 

Calvin Lince says:

“ya i like the classics and u can have a girl… or a boy”

Cyresp says:

Dont be stupid kids,wear a helmet.

Devin Medina says:

How big are those risers?

Matteo Vitacco says:

do they have these classic boards in Canada

Flickkere says:

Wooohhooo Finland

anthony fahlsing says:

where do I get this? and how much?

Jollytotgamer says:

This is a cool board, I will consider getting it 🙂

VoXoR says:

this looks ridiculous

Gustaf Hamborg says:

For the most part no. Unless it is a area that specifically says no skateboarding. But we tend to do it anyways….

Uriel Chavez says:

they look like they’re dressed for a beach but instead they’re in a concrete water way haha

Dora Aispuro says:

how much do this go for. and use this boared on steep hills??

D&D Films says:

I don’t think I can fit that in my car or on my school bus

Tre Smith says:

What type of wood is that

Reina Payne says:

So I am 5ft and 1 inch so would the classic hamboard be to hard for me to ride since its 6ft and 6 inches

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