Gold Coast Classic Floater 44″ Complete Longboard Review –

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Tactics Boardshop says:

yeah, the bones bearings will be better.

Matt Cameron says:

How’s the flex on this board?

noel estrada says:

just bought a board and was wondering if the wheels would get dirty right away

Tactics Boardshop says:

If it’s spray on grip, it’s a little harder to get off. If the grip is clear but just like normal grip, it shouldn’t be too hard to get off.

Tactics Boardshop says:

Not yet.

Peter K says:

why does it say bamboo if its hard rock maple?

Karly Fries says:

Do you guys have a review on gold coast neptune 40′?

Sorinjiify says:

Would u say this board is good for cruising around and fot so hills?

Skuyler Knisely says:

Can you please review some northern pine longboards?

Marty Van Doren says:

How much is this board?

Tactics Boardshop says:


vetacoth says:

Looks like a pretty sick cruiser

DontFragMeBro says:

Hi, I ordered a GoldCoast Agave Complete today, and I am worried if this clear grip tape can be replaced as easily as any other grip tape. Do you know?

Tactics Boardshop says:

Yeah definitely. Depends on how big the hills are you’re trying to go down, but it should handle most mellow hills just fine.

Hujakosta says:

Guys What is better in speed this LongBoard or Madrid weezer ?? Please answer thanks 🙂

Zach Holmes says:

Hey!, I was wandering if you could tell me if I changed the bearings to Bones Bearings
(Swiss Ceramic Skateboard Bearings) would it make the board better or should I just leave it as the complete.

Dax Clifton says:

do you think being bamboo will change some of the aspects?

Peter K says:


Tactics Boardshop says:


Anti-Pig Farm says:

Haha the common bearing misconception… Any 15 dollar bearing can be as good as a 100 dollar bearing. The main thing that changes bearing performance is lube viscosity. Dont waste your money on swiss ceramics. Reds will be enough. Many DH longboarders sue reds for even 60 mph+ downhill.

Lou Alix says:

Is it not to large? Cause I wan’t to get a Pintail 44 inch

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