Wegener Surfboards: Alaia

This is a short promo for alaias shaped by Tom & Jon Wegener under the Wegener Surfboards label.

An alaia is a finless plank of wood based on boards surfed by Hawaiians for thousands of years before European contact.

Surfers: Ryan Burch & Eric Snortum

Music: Small Defence (myspace.com/smalldefence)

Camera/Edit: Nathan Oldfield

To order a custom alaia or an alaia blank please visit:

tomwegenersurfboards.com & wegenersurfboards.com

Thanks for watching.


Brav Ellis says:

The ancient Hawaiians were probably doing things on these board which would make these guys seem like beginners

RobertGoulet298 says:

Very nice. Beautiful symmetry with the music and the surfing. Jon Wegener stopped by my local shop yesterday in Rhode Island, USA and spoke a bit about the alaias they’re making. Gave us a little demo as well and we were all able to try out the boards. They’re such beautiful pieces of art! Hard to ride! The guys in this video are insane. Check out my channel to see what I filmed of Jon yesterday. Thanks!

Andrew Healy says:


RiZZleRy says:

@jonno69098887776766 add 1 of those stick on leash plugs brahhh

Andrew Hurst says:

These guys make it look so easy and controlled…

Nathan Oldfield says:

‘Geocentro’ by Small Defence (myspace.com/smalldefence)

nfitz92691 says:

sweet, i want one!!!

Pedro Castanheira says:

anyone can tell me the measures of an alaia?? pleaase

taradead says:

Dainggg!!!…that was impressive. Super soulful. If those ancient Hawaiians could have seen that, they probably would have made these guys kings.

Joseph McArthur says:

@BadIdeas101 nope. no pendy sliding there my friend. just some loose bottom turns and some laybacks (i don’t know what a pendy slide is but i can assure you he did not do one).

marcelowebermacedo says:

Very good surf, great wood toy!

Brav Ellis says:

Those bigger boards are called Olo’s and they were used by the kings. The Alaia’s were smaller and used by the common people. Haven’t you ever seen that old photo of the Hawaiian standing and holding the small Alaia behind his back (which is about 6 1/2 or 7 feet long). It is at the Bishop Museum along with Olo’s and Alaia’s

Vincent Armentano Jr. says:

This is the past, and the future of surfing, when people start doing shuvits on these, its gonna be so sickkk

Gheorghe Schreiber says:

I can swim faster than paddle on this board

SkateSpeculation says:

its called film burn

leewardstyle says:


h2omanz says:

swanky smooth…

ChennyB0Y says:

Man i tried practicing how to ride alaia board by taking the fins off my foam board, so hard….

BadIdeas101 says:

did he just pendy slide a surfboard?????(if you longboard you know what that is)

Noe Romero says:

How much is one of those boards?

giant regrigerator says:

@lquirosc gay shitarse song. thats the name : )

Malveiro69 says:

Very Nice!

RiZZleRy says:

@jonno69098887776766 add 1 of those stick on leash plugs brahhh

JSolumProductions says:

What is the red stuff at 0:28? It looks pretty cool. Is it some type of generated filter on an editing system or did you make it?

Andrew Le says:

0:27 was there an effect used? if so what is is it?

clarkewi says:

Love it.

Cameron Gardner says:

which tom wegener alaia is being surfed in this video?

looks so fast and fun

jasonlajoie says:

No fins? What? How? I’m still rubbing my eyes, this can’t be what I’m seeing.

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