Trying Alaia Wood Surfboard First Time

Atua & Kiili try an Alaia surfboard for the first time.
Thanks to Zopilote Surfcamp for lending the board

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Chasingwaves says:

yea ! Dad gets to rip ! lol totally awesome !

Didymostruespeak says:

So cool …the tribe Rocks .
My daughter’s are 27 and 33 years old.. And I still get them out there in the summer to try to learn..
they can stand up…my bro is over there w you guys on north shore…the LAWN RANGER..

Isaiah B says:

that is not an alaia

Jim says:

Those boards are like artwork. Looks fun in the water.

Touchdown Fourtyfour says:

guys try to surf a beater!!!

diegoRad says:

Nice ending hahaha. Happy hollidays guys!

BamaBassin 27 says:

Last part was so funny!

Justin Rew says:

Wow on board with kiley (sorry if I spelt it wrong) is really different to on board with atowa once again sorry if spelt wrong

Kristen Kay says:

fun to see you catching waves on the alaia!

GamerGirl says:

where are you from?

Lane Norvell says:

Next, you guys should try HydrioFlex boards. I use them and they feel very nice.

Anna Hoffmann says:

Loved the ending!!

Kris Tamala says:

the alaia’s in hawaii are made of acacia wood

Iller 711 says:

Nice tail blows

Raaiiiny says:

Which GoPro do you use?

Josh Penton says:

Aren’t traditional alaias like 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch thick?

Ignacio Hdez-blanco says:

Do this kids have a mother?

Anonymoose says:

It’s made out of Balsa? Meaning it’s extremely light for its size? I’ve used Balsa all my life for building model airplanes, for its weight to strength ratios. Interesting concept!

McMahon TV says:

Pump then manoeuvre on the tip of the board, very funny

Luke Wilkinson says:

Great video!

Sally Beth says:

Great video and nice board. – so good to see you surfing different styles 🙂

Gromzilla says:

Hey guys, I just want to say thank you for all the inspiration you have given me with my channel!

lexi sartorius says:

Where do you guys usually surf?

Leonardo Reyes says:

JAJAJA No aguante NA’AA Ki’illi

luke Dijkstra says:

Super cool fun video 🙂
Like 🙂

cronicreas says:

I love all the scenery and ocean that you show in your vids. I so wanna be there too

josh .doherty says:

Nice video. So funny, I just ran into Lorenzo at proyecto santa Teresa the other day

Isaac Awramenko says:

I’m thinking of making an alaia what different types of timber can I use and can I use two different types of timber for one board?

Mikai Guerrero says:

That’s not a real Alaia that the Hawaiians rode because they never glassed their boards

Hey it's me Em says:

The surf board looks like a sled

Legion Gaming says:

Hi have you guys bodyboard before?

BamaBassin 27 says:

iSURFTRIBE what song is being played in this video?

Ho Stevie! says:

*Sick board!*

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