Tom Curren Explores Free-form Surfing on the French Coast | Made in Europe

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Made In Europe is a three-part series exploring the unique lives of surfers who call the Old World home. In the first instalment, Southern California-based filmmaker Matt Payne visits Hossegor, France, where he spends time with Tom Curren. For surfers, Europe has always been a destination that offers promise of something more than simply wave riding. The remnants of eras long past often stand right at the water’s edge, defying the ocean’s penchant for constant, radical change. Unsurprisingly, such an environment inspires Europe’s sons, daughters, and lifelong visitors to foster unique approaches to the act and art of surfing.


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Elma Sticot says:

what he does is really nice, but so dangerous at the same time!

Ansh Mithal says:

*First comment*

Man of Water says:


Alex K. says:

Red bull media is so insane lately. Awesome job guys!

Gagi 15o4 says:


Oliver Elliott says:

Just stupid, and sup riders get crap from having big boards, at least we keep hold of them lol

John Ellsmar says:

Yeah it’s totally not weird at all that you have a second huge board along that you launch like a damn missile.

SurfFender says:


OXS Enterprises says:

Curious as to how long it takes him to catch a wave, step, off, find his boards again and paddle back out.

William Blaze says:

Love how he pitches his stupid foam surfboard at 5:22 right into some guy paddling out.

Dale Gribble says:

Hans Headaman says, “leashes are for pussies.”

808scottyg says:

“Hey- let’s ride some skimboards in some fun surf and try not to spin out! It will be so bitchen!!!!!! We could even decapitate some other surfers who are actually trying to ride the waves on normal boards!”

Louka Djrd says:

Could redbull hook me up with a board please?

Marlies 66 says:


TekLion says:

So with all the advancements in surfing Tom Curren decides to go ride a skimboard? This is not art this is just stupid.

jasonpolakow98 says:

Very awesome and inspiring movie
love it very much 🙂

chulieho says:

thats great tom thanks

Jabroney says:

what exactly is free form surfing? wtf

Kostas Prifths says:


Rosco Adam says:

iSURFTRIBE Great Channel Sub To 🙂

JamesEdits says:

0:40 bye bye boardie

Piet Thiesen says:

I was there only 4 weeks ago!!

Brendan Williams says:

That’s was an Exile Skimboard!

Clovis Savineau says:


mayssem and maryemTV ميسم ومريم تي في says:

اول كومنت

726brendan says:

5 thumbs down by brazzas upset its not adriano de poostance….

mario pena says:

tom curren you may be a boss, i say this because i do not know you personally and anyone can say and do anything in a “video”. surfing has turned to garbage just as SKATING because of youtube and “competition”. these things have gone from just riding something because it is beautiful and pleasurable , to who can perform “TRICKS” on them. a flower with no pedals is still a flower (competitive surfing/skating) , but there is nothing like the entire flower in all its bloom and LIVING beauty 😉

Roark Stallsmith says:

Brad domke is currently triggered

Indo Bule says:

Love Tom Curren but that was pretty boring, id rather see him on anything with a fin it.

hitachicordoba says:

The Search continues…

Just Tex says:

What a legend tom curren is . I wondered where he ended up

whatawonderfulful says:

so rad. what a legend.

Paul Carter says:

Nice one guys

Samson518 says:

Very cool. Glad to see Tom still enjoying it!

MisterTrim says:

2 minutes of surfing, 3 minutes of walking around

BlueShaman'sFriend says:

Yeah but can he do this with more cowbell?

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