The Go Fish in France – Rob walks you through a fun session.

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In this video Rob rides a 5’2 Go Fish in France. He also talks you through what he feels on the Go Fish, the kind of waves the board likes, and much more. Like the best fins for a Go Fish (Hint: they’re by Futures).

Our favorite part of this video is the way Rob finishes his turns on this LFT shape. And we’re anxious to release more surf clips showing Rob on the Midas and Melted Butter in coming months. Two other LFT shapes he designed.

The Go Fish hit surf shops in late April and quickly sold out, and there are only a few around right now at shops, but more are coming. So if you want one, tell a shop near you to hold one when the next batch comes in late June.

Like the song in this video?

Buddha by Kontekst
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JAX Bros says:

Some one please tell me where this is

Justin Tindel says:

I’ve watched this 48 times…… .. thanks for posting/ sharing:)

goldenvoer says:

“Did you have a glass after this session?” “I did.”

Oberon Smith says:

so smooth

Andy Chris says:

It’s not the board. It’s the soul surfer named Rob.

guitarsurfer2010 says:

Rob Machado = Definition of A Surfer

mpfilgueiras says:

Where in France?

Thiago Braga says:

I love the surf style of Fish!

HoopJourney1260 says:

This might just be my all time fav surf video. So crisp. No other way to put it, just Crisp.

KT Productions Germany says:

I am on a surf trip in France right now and this gets me so hyped!

I am ishka says:

where is that?

jkh says:

Rob is smooth… the Santana song.

tony beatbutcher says:

yeah come back Rob

why so serious?! says:

he shares the same style for surfing and speaking

Jonny Anderson says:

honestly probably my 50th + time being here…

Naupaka Crabbe says:


Ear Labs says:


TheBeniTunes says:

Looking for this fish tail pad !! Anyone ?

mason baer says:

Idk if it’s him or the board or both but there’s a sertain flow of this that’s just beautiful.

Paora3000 says:

Bought my 5’7 last week. Can’t get enough of it.


Epic surfing!

Saam Warner says:

a perfect style and a perfect video

Alejandro Arndt Jack says:

He flows so well, so much style

Barry Snyder Designs says:

That chick surfs pretty good!

ethandoesvideos says:

I’ve literally watched this video 30 times

lazaro capaccioni says:

Smooth Rob… love how he just flows whit the wave.

Tee dub says:


ueno hirohide says:


Beach pls says:

His radical surf style inspires me

Cyril Dembinski says:

Where us that in France ?

Julien Hoos says:

That style is so flowing, what elegance

Justin Van de Geuchte says:

where is this in france? anybody recognizes ?

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