Surfing Finless – Do You Really Need Fins?

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Who needs fins? The SC groms take their surfboards for a spin finless for the first time. An exercise in equipment appreciation. Fins are 50% of the ride, if you don’t believe it pull your fins off and go for a surf.

Click here to see the full Red Bull video of Brad Domke killing it on a Skim board



Atua’s Channel


Jasper van Loo says:

a windy condition!!!! what a shame! xD, we usually only have waves when we have wind 😛 i would kill for 4 foot waves, even if they would close out or aren’t steep xD

Spencer Ridge says:

I can skim surf a 10 foot wave

Travis Pain says:


Caroline Quinn says:

Kinda funny! I always thought it couldn’t be that bad with out fins!

Joel Salinas says:

Does anyone know where they are surfing?

Sam Logan says:

what beach is this?

Jace Taylor8 says:

Where do you get hot lava boards

J4SON _Messi10 says:

Why does this girl always put up a bunch of hand signs in the intro

drew says:

You guys are so spoiled man that wave!

John Modzelewski says:

I waveride skimboard its fun stuff

Ishka thres says:

what size finns do you ride the reactor ones

Stuebe Doo says:

Brad Domke is on drugs

Ryan Burroughs says:

Where in Costa Rica do u guys surf?

Surf Editing Media says:

and then there is that one scrub who dislikes

Jack Bouché says:

i wakesurf and finless is so much fun. it’s way easier to do spins and shuvs

Grace Jacobsen says:

hey can u make a video on surfing leashless

Julie Brown says:

This is kinda dramatic because I learned how to surf by my self when I was 7 on a gun with no fins on like 4 foot waves so it’s not really that bad

chlela01 says:

they should build and ride their own alaia board. That would be an awesome video

Albin Marklund says:

Good videos! Lovely lovely kids, they are great! I just moved with my kids to cornwall, they are exploring surfing and I tag along as well. A lot to learn but lots of fun! Keep up the good work! /albin

박리옹 says:

its so funny kkkkkkkk i want to try this with my friends~!

Irie Sandy says:

the Dad looks like my first boyfriend in High School

Lewis Bros says:

That would be fun

Juan Pablo says:

Where is the beach? Thanks!! high Energy!!

Keegan bennett says:

Where is this break?

william pratley surf films says:

i think u guys should use that song while they where surfing in every video when they surf

t3hnaku says:

I love surf coaches but please nix the kids. Or give them a separate Disney Channel
I learned nothing from this episode, other than fins are good…. Wtf

This channel has gone off the rails since the pedo-bait took over

Please address your viewers, adults. And coach us, in surfing….surf coaches

Secr3t says:

what sunscreen / sun block do u use?? 🙂 and what do u thing about sun bum sun stick, Zinca nosecoat, HeadHunter warpaint, and HeadHunter Stick

Ur boi’s Vlogs says:

How tall are the waves in most places of costo rica

Cooper Gillam says:

Little fella was killing it

Alyse Moy says:

They should surf on one leg

colby silagy says:

try with just the one in the back

九鬼優斗 says:


Noah Juvik says:

im i surfer i ussaly surf honolii big island

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