Surfing at Alaia’s Sandbar in Mentawai Islands

Drone& Edit : Alaia Mentawai
Surfer: Brooklyn Hawaii, Cassandra Rull and Anna Ehrgott


lazaro capaccioni says:

I love surf, but my hearth totally belongs to this beatiful home that we call earth. Im really emotional when i start to think how there is ppl who still dont give a damn about it.

Richard Conner says:


Kijan-ay says:

Incredible…Just “Wahou” !

Vicky Vonstein says:

they were topless.
that’s why i watched.

Juquinha says:


ComboverSoul tig says:

The wave is absolute pants but the filming and water are lovely

Dave Chuck says:

OMG this view is awesome

adventuresinbelieving says:

Been involved in surfing since 1969. Capitalism has reaped it’s return – it’s a mass sport, and the rich and advantaged now get to surf idyllic paradise whilst the rest grovel in crowded slop. Dora was right.

Alexander Ashton says:

Man im living wrong!

Mountains & Sea says:

Who the fuck thumbs this down?!

Tyler Durden says:

Middle girl thought she could ride the nose. Pearled.

Wulfen Stien says:

Who would want to live on mars?
Not me!

Kurt Dardis says:

Where’s the surfing footage?

davidkosa says:

Well done. What is the soundtrack?

killmousky says:

This is heaven on earth, great vid.

Jetty1502 says:


Wayne Stroup says:

Positively beautiful composition. Music works well with great sky/sea/surf footage. Wish it was in 4K.

molon labe says:

after watching that I feel trapped in my concrete cave

buteo buteo says:

Most. Chill. Video.

Fernando Méndez says:

Excelente clip!! Lugar ideal para principiantes como yo!!

VitaminDan says:

tschakalaka great video! i hope to stop by mentawaiis one day

Hal Heywood says:

Dreamland … .

Michael Harris says:

Spectacular scenery great waves if your as big as a penguin !

Damian Beattie says:

fucking shit. cant see any surfing, its all drone

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