Something Strange – Shred Show ep. #21: Seaglass Albacore

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If you like strange boards like this we’ll do one again in another 20 episodes.

Tom Wegener is on the fringes of what most surfers consider normal. He’s known amongst a quiet subculture of surfers as an eclectic character who primarily makes surfboards out of Paulownia wood. That’s enough to make a shaper stand out, but he also makes boards in excess of 18 feet and 80 lbs (30 kg) in weight.

His shapes, designs and materials are definitely not for everyone but his personality is contagious and listening to him talk gives me the impression that he could read a grocery list and make it sound exciting.

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Tom Wegener profiled in Surfing Magazine

Nice little video on shaping and surfing what I’ll call Almost-Alaias. Fun watch because of the shaper discussion and surfing, and for both a Miki Dora reference and appearance by Skip Engblom.

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Seaglass Albacore


Adam Coyne says:

awesome dick board.

AJCFilmproductions says:


Jeff Cerezo says:

I have the Costco soft top 8′. I have pure fun on that board. great price too..

kel bambling says:

Could anyone tell me if this would be a good buy for an inexperienced surfer?

Luciano Cuneo says:

i’m 5’9 155 lbs, should i go for the 4’11 or 5’6

john doe says:

dude, you have the best show on you tube for sure. you certainly got the formula right and I’m pretty sure you got the volume right too… btw, going back to the Short Round LibTech version….I downsized actually and now have the 5’8 instead of the 5’10 and I’m about 6’2 and 185lbs….surfed the 5’8 today in chest to slightly overhead glass in 52 degree water while wearing a thick wetsuit and booties…fucking board GOES GOOD, paddles as good as the 5’10 too. you can’t be afraid to stick to YOUR lower end on your volume calculator for these boards. float similar to PU still. felt the 5’10 had such a wide nose that you couldn’t throw it around as much at my weight… carve big, and build the speed that I did on the 5’8. the deep single concave helps it stay above the water and nose helps get into waves, but it’s not a groveller and it definitely didn’t pearl when I was doing late drops on a steeper face. seems that it’s better to not over volume on the Short Round. this thing works awesome for its intended purpose. ….just throwing that out there because it seems like there was some confusion on dialing in the volume on the LibTechs…I’m sold.

André Marinho de Andrade says:

I love the seaglass!!! it’s super fun to surf on and really makes you work on your technique!

Brendan Carney says:

maybe add another link to the tom weg wood is good series? great review

tmbdawson1 says:

I have the poxy version of this board. It is really fun in smaller, cleaner waves. In mushier waves I found it can be very hard work and not so much fun. I’ve also shaped my own alaia out of paulownia – I recommend this to every surfer once they get to an intermediate/advanced level. Really cheap and simple but you learn so much from the exercise (not for the faint of heart). There is nothing like riding your own craft! Still have mine and am about to cut the end off it to make it a bit shorter

Byron Vickers says:

looks similar to the beater

Joli Whalen says:

so gnarly…… cant wait to get my new rusty happy shovel…. stoaked,,,, im 5’4 and geting a 5’8 board

Kyle Smithers says:

I have a beater and it’s a lot of fun, I have surfed it in 1-2 foot mushy waves and like 4 foot waves (I live in Florida so everything is mushy)

Ben Truesdale says:

Yeah bro I ride an Alaia down here in Queensland and only ride the noosa break but the Alaia couldn’t be described better, a bitch to paddle and catch waves one. I shaped my own board so hearing that it is a Common problem is a massive relief. So now I want to try this albacore

KiwisFalling says:

Hi 🙂

maxandthebash says:

Would you do a longboard?

omer shoval says:

Can you review the Tom Werner tuna board ??

Tom Campbell says:

Great vid ;). I’ve got one and they are awesome to surf

thomas hathaway says:

rode one b4, super fun

Patrick Malone says:

I love this thing!!! I take it with me every time, from ankle biters to head high. Definitely has made me kick my fins out of my broads a few times. This is my summer board down in Jersey, keeps it super fun and the spins never get old.

Dillon McClellan says:

I just got an 8′ bluegill customed by jon wegener last month and i swear that is the best board i have and will ever own. super fast and slides like no other. ive also shaped my own 6’11 alaia from a paulownia blank that i bought from jon back in july. basically the bluegill is an alaia that floats like a shortboard and paddles like a 10′ log because it has virtually no fin drag.

MCSrurf says:

How about some JS’s boards? The Monsta X perhaps?
Your show is awesome, thumbs up!

Ronny elimelech says:

When there is no waves i come here to see more of your cool video your just huge!!
can you give an overview regarding the ‘lost LayZboy’ please, thanks…

Echo Mike says:

Hey man! could you make a review of the proton step up and the cathcsurf odysea?

nick kahr says:

maan you´re amazing! i always wach these videos when its flat… and its like that most of the time here in the mediterranean side of spain… could you review a retro fish model?? i dont quite understand what they are good at apart from the fact that they look great and are very fast on small mushy waves… thankyou for making the sickest shred show on youtube! keep the stoke!

Raymundo Alonso Proost says:

Hey! Great show there first of all, congrats. Just wanted to ask which Albacore size you would recommend for a 72kg, short board rider: the 4’11 or the 5’6??? Cheers and keep it up! 

Wil Ferris says:

There was one of these at my local shop in New Jersey and it wasn’t a soft top. It was an epoxy board and I talked to my buddy that worked there and he said it was a limited run that the sea glass project did. I am still pissed at my self that I didn’t buy it :/

GregTV13 says:

Hey I’ve bin surfing a 7’6 fun board for a year now. I live in New York so the waves aren’t that big. I want to start short boarding but I don’t know what size board to get. Any advice?

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