SCRAPWOOD Surfing Part 2

The Videod everyone has been waiting for. The scrapwood surfboard is back with some improvements as well as heavier and more water logged then ever, not quite an alaia surfboard.

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NewGunGuy says:

This is good for people who overthink gear selection.

Mr MG says:

This is pretty amazing, Love the video. And man I miss surfing!! I would love to come there and surf!!


Are you going to get a new sander?  If so will you work some more on that wooden board you all made?

Anonymoose says:

LOL! “You’re basically swimming with 20 pounds strapped to you stomach.” In some ways, I imagine it’s a lot like trying to surf on a log. But it’s proof that, if you’re good, you can surf just about anything. It was fun to watch.

Next trick: try surfing an old refrigerator door. LOL

Skate Scarborough says:

Plz make a video on your set up!! Like your cameras and editing software! Plz

In the Dawg Pound says:

That was cool…… thanks for sharing that guys……..

Edward Williams says:

She did not look happy in the beginning

Iama Christian says:

you have a 10 2 that must be huge

Finn Clarke says:

Surfing a snow board

Denise Laga says:

How’s the weather over there? The water is 62F in Southern Cali. Never seen you guys in wetsuits.

Noobsquadz says:

I’d like to see u make a wafer thin board made of concrete

Ho Stevie! says:

Shredding on that thing!

Noah Toth says:

i wanna see a part 3 this is a sick concept but you should continue to improve the board

Henry The dog says:

Surf a normal board backwards

Jeff Ames says:

I’ll eat my hat if that thing actually floats! lol Ok, so my hat tasted good… I think you need to add more length to that wooden board to get it to work right, just like the old boards Hawaiins used way before the foam boards.

BRODY says:

Are Ki’ili and Atua sponsored by any bigger company like Rip Curl, O’neill ,or Hurley?
And if not who would you like to be sponsored by?

Elijah Dangereux says:

Instead of making the board out of two peaces make a board out of one peace of wood

Sebastian Glenn says:

you should get an alaia and have the kids try surfing that!

Xahiru7 says:

When you duckdive that board it becomes a submarine! Its a magik board!!! Hahahaha

PerfectIcon says:

How old is ki’ili

Juan Torres says:

Why can’t they not maet

Ryer_ Ia says:

How old is he?

Kristian Crosby says:

How old are you and your sister?

Kristen Kay says:

I’d love to see all three of you surf on one board (if you haven’t done that already). 🙂 Thanks for a fun video!

luke Dijkstra says:

Super cool fun video 🙂
Like 🙂

Jonas Linnell says:

I live on a small island called Cape Cod in Massachusetts, the other week I was surfing my local break. Cape Cod is known for its increasing numbers of Great White sharks. Nothing terrifies me more. When I was surfing, I heard a splash close by, assuming it was a seal, I didnt think much of it. When I looked to see what caused the splash I saw a jet stream 5 feet away from me

MF_ Surf says:

Melhor canal de surf

Alejandro Diaz says:

was wondering about cheap wooden surfboards and i stumbled upon ur awesome video. thanks for the heads up info. hope there are other cheap wooden ones coming after the 27 pounder.

lars anthonsen says:

Do a video dedicated to board transfers

kev legs says:

@iSURFTRIBE is it possible to make a surf board as thin as a skim board but slightly thicker?

Ima Baller says:

You guys should try surfing without leash 😮

StoneBroke Adventure says:

Ki’ili took home first place today.

lucas thornton says:

you guys should make a wood longboard, maybe it wont stall as much as the short wood board

Skizzy Smith says:

Its very important to allow the Lady time to put on her makeup before going on that old log

Jack Migasiuk says:

Love the video keep up the good work

Tyler Casas says:

Awesome videos where do you film them?

Jake Isham says:

i love your vids and they inspire me to do my own but have you guys ever surfed a reef break?

funkeymonkeyy says:

Damn keely has a nice booty

MLB Films says:

Hey everyone!! I am a young filmmaker who makes action based mini movies filmed with hero 5 black , please check them out :0 Have a good day 😀

Simon Isenberg says:

Kudos on actually getting some proper waves with that thing but I think it’s time to retire that beast before it boops someone on the nose.

Danika Bass says:

It’s too bad the wood wasn’t thicker at the start-you could’ve manipulated the shape of it a little more by adding a more upward curve to the front and then just sanded the rest down to whatever thickness you thought best.

Spencermuller Muller says:

I think you should build a wooden surfboard out of wood that isn’t scraps

Jake Nichols says:

I think you should try to make a better wood board

Fire X says:

I surf in Northern California and we all surf long boards that weigh 27 pounds lol

RobEJC says:

That is a BEAST of a board – Ki’ili and Atua are brave souls for giving it another go!

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