Rob Machado is on Shred Show (and so is the Almond Butter)

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Gerry Lopez

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Rob’s Almond Butter

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Wood Tow Boards

Check out one of Dick Brewers wooden tow boards made for Laird Hamilton, mentioned by Rob in this episode:

Laird Hamilton model Balsa 6’0 tow board by Dick Brewer

Shred Show

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Mukunda Hubmann says:

Love the bonus, it is so obvious but still sometimes hard to figure out and do! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

Jason Prince says:

Radical Episode! I love your show! I’m a huge fan of Rob! I would be interested to know what Rob would think of his Firewire models being made here in the U.S. rather than overseas?

hsp-sandiego says:

The Almond Butter looks like a sick small wave board. Cool he invited you over to his home @ Cardiff.

Dylan McWilliams says:

should the board be taller than me or me taller than the board?

Hotwire says:

Getting better and better.

Sep Khanbeigi says:

Hi Chris, I hope you’re still checking these! I’ve been surfing a firewire Addvance 6’6″ for the past six months and it’s beginning to feel like a truck. I surf 3-4 times a week and would keep the Addvance for small days, but as a next step I have the opportunity to buy a 6’0 (39ish litre) Almond Butter. I’m 5’10 and I weigh 175 lbs – do you think this board would make sense for an early intermediate surfer who’s mastering bigger/cleaner turns on the wave and comfortable in 5/6 ft beach breaks?

qbe says:

How would you compare this board vs the Hypto Krypto? Cheers mate

Cade Haakenson says:

can you talk about a sci fi kelly slater design?

doodle jump says:

so I’m 18 and 120 lbs about 5’8 I can surf well i can do all kinds of turns make barrels and on occasion land airs. i live in central california and I need 2 more boards. one for good waves like 6-8 feet. Usually when the waves are good around here i surf a fast steep point thats fairly tricky. and rocky reefs that are also fast and steep. in better waves I’m usually focused on turns theres not too many barreling waves around here and i already have a board for barrels. and i need one board for high performance surfing in average waves. usually I’m surfing punchy beach breaks like waist high to a bit overhead and i want to progress my air game in these types of waves, so basically i need a fast board that won’t pearl in a steep drop or hold me back during quick bottom turns. if anyone has any advice on what type of board models i should buy or what kind of concave, rocker or board design I’m looking for it would be much appreciated.

Michael Volpe says:

So pumped to see Machado on shred show! Thank you! loved this video!!

Shon Doyle says:

Very cool show as cool as Rob himself.

John Austin says:

Great video man!
Would you recommend the Machado fins on the Almond Butter?

Tripp says:

You just interviewed God.

Michael J. Day says:

Epic episode! Thinking of getting an Almond Butter for the summer surf here in Portugal. Haven’t found the board in this country yet.

Maurice Cureton says:

Chris I loved this episode. I also really in the FireWire president. Please do more of these with interesting surf industry people. I liked the combination of board review and interview. I’ve recently decide to switch away from FireWire competitors for the simple reason of durability. Best decision for my surfing!! Love my baked Potato and my Omni

Yapci Blanco says:

Totaly agree about the phone!!! Great show with Rob!!! Love it!!

Adam Baldwin says:

Finally got to watch this episode! SO GOOD!

Richard Walston says:

Can’t comment now, blocking you tube for a couple of days. . .

Surf Surfer says:

Amazing once again! Thanks for the fun and educative episode ..can’t believe how much I learn about surfboards.

Caetano says:

Hey Shred dude! So far nothing about sci-phi… Y buddy? From my side I can see that this boards is the 1 …

Chasingwaves says:

great video Chris ..I enjoy the shows .. man a nice book sounds great ! its been a long time since i picked up a good book the read , thanks for sharing. ..

Ignacio Del Busto says:

Hello, I’ve been a while tryin to figure why do the side fins point outwards, when what you want to get is water propulsion by pointing them inwards and making water travel fast in that section of the board??
Best wishes from basque country, Spain!!

Cuff says:

I’m not gonna watch shed show for a week ☺️

Antoine Cardyn says:

Awesome too. My offer still stands…

TufRiverboards says:

Do you think that the tail kick or delayed tail rocker had any effect on how the board held in the Teahupoo, or do you figure it was just Machado?

Phinehas Spielman says:

Favorite channel i subscribe too hands down. I love how you merge surfing, and life lessons into a single episode! You’re truly an inspiration man!

Luke Finley says:

love this review!  and doesn’t seem like Rob is just piching something ..legit!!

Martin Buhr says:

when I first saw that board, it reminded me of the Potatonator. Is that crazy? if not, is that an apt comparison?

Christian Wafer says:

Rob is “surfing!”

Shane Harris says:

My favorite episode so far. Great job. My favorite part was the last 3 mins talking about being present and turning off your phone. So goooooood! Thanks brother.

Steven Ricardo Gonçalves says:

Great Interview. Machado is the man, def going to check out that book.
I work from home, so I forcibly dedicate myself to a project and ignore the phone, in theory.

Jacob Ghost says:

Even as a quad you ca throw the tail so easy compared to other quads

Kalden Dondrub says:

Meditation will help you stay present.

funnygazman19 says:

Hey man I know you’re busy with Firewire now but I would love some new content. Or even if you’re doing stuff on another channel let us know to bump up the subscribers

Erik Allison says:

Love getting off the grid in mex, big sur, mammoth or anywhere I can say “my phone doesn’t have service”. Detaching from technology is one of the best parts of surfing. Keep on keepin on!

Jacob Ghost says:

Review a stretch next! Like maybe the thing or or buzzsaw! I just got a 5’6 buzzsaw w/ concave deck love the thing as a quad in ripp able waves and the tail slides so nice

funnygazman19 says:

Great job getting Rob on the show, love listening to that guy speak. And yeah a phone free holiday is awesome, look up at a tree for half an hour in a hammock or something.

Alex Sands says:

my doc ndr is very similar to this shape as far as being short, wide and having extra tail rocker behind the back fin, i love it’s versatility, i can say though that with the wood construction when i have the money i will order one of these, I definitely do not need flex in a shape like this, my current ndr is 6X6 and heavy

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