Reef Redemption – Making Use of Everything: Rob Machado’s Eco Surfboard

REEF Redemption collaborated with Pacific Panel Products to recapture all the waste foam material from the fixture production process and recycle it to be transformed into an eco-friendly surfboard, with help from Sustainable Surf and Marko Foam. Reef Ambassador, Rob Machado teamed up with the group to create two boards that would open people’s eyes to the strength, durability and performance capabilities of a craft made entirely from recycled and eco-conscious materials.

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Road Warriors 360 says:

Hey Rob! Nice board & van! Hit the road & waves! JR / RW360

Randsurfer says:

I heard the phrase “sustainable materials” about 10 times in this video.  Can someone tell me what that means and how it applies to this surfboard?

Dane Nakasone says:

you got to have a positive attitude and vision…力のSR。Guru’s

benweichiba says:

I was backing the whole eco ride , until I saw him waste the epoxy resin on the rail laps that should have been dripped back into the bucket , and not onto the floor…But Rob’s a nice guy and he means well…

olliebrodle says:

1:49 my friends grandpa

MrSurfanturf says:

johnny seaside is the boss

Edward Schuberg says:

would love to try that board!!

Aaqilah Brown says:

Very cool.

Johnny Twothumb says:


D DADA says:

yeah but what are the retail prices? board prices are still increasing 🙁

Billy Changer says:


Danny Doyle says:

Can I really take that for a glide a Sea Side? Epicness.

Carlos Alonso Concha Manrique says:

What is the model of the surfboard?

nobody says:

the path of the corporate moron millionaire who grew a beard and dreadlocks and thinks he’s a gypsy. lol

Patrick Dumas says:

that foam will take thousands of years to decompose. The life of the foam is:
Packaging(1 month) -> Waste(1 month) -> new Surfboard(4 years) -> toxic waste(500+ years)
giving the foam a new temporary new life isn’t the solution to sustainability so stop patting yourselves on the back.

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