Only 1 Side Fin Surfing

Another experimental surfing video brought to you by the grommet stund surfers & iSurfTribe. By request, one wing side fin surfing
Atua’s Channel

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Steven Fernandez says:

Where are you guys in Costa Rica?

Justin Rew says:

Try bodyboarding

Ho Stevie! says:

Haha so loose!

FishinTheEastCoast Florida says:

bail challenge who can do the best bails

Eric Hirsch says:

try a center fin with only one side fin

JairForce says:

Im from San Diego but never got to surf, thats because I was a lot younger way back when. ):


You should try surfing with your hours backwards

Surf Editing Media says:

PLEASE ANSWER: what beach do you guys surf on!!

Robin Mackridge says:

Try do a skim bored challenge I dare ya #isurftribe

Tyler Nobile says:

how do you snap I have never surfed in Costa Rica

John Modzelewski says:

Girl at 3:50 gets rekt on tree stump

TheodoreJay says:

Wow Atua with shoes 🙂

Daniil Danilov says:

You should do the fcs Nubster fins in each fin box

Polarized Sports4 says:

Try surfing standing backwards

Calvinmalvin J says:

Ever heard of a fin key???

Surfer.Collin says:

You should Surf with all middle fins

Rodolfo Gonzales says:

Ese árbol parece una ceiba.

Daniel Buckner says:

Put a longboard singlefin on a shortboard

luis s says:

Surf fins backwards with the board backwards

Offthe Lip says:

Q&A Question: What’s the family’s main source of income? You mentioned a few episodes ago that you’re no longer involved in the surf camp. You have a lot of very high end video equipment and a drone, so it doesn’t look like the family is hurting for money. I ask this question as a somewhat jealous observer that has a well paying salaried job, but would love to quit, and move to Costa. I’m too damn scared, lol. Thanks.

Molly says:

Surf with a leash on each leg

diman says:

Why you don’t try to fix you wi-fi antenna straight and higher? As I can see earlier the antenna fixed at the angle about 30 degree to horizont on the height about 2,5 meters. That is too low for big dinstance. To calculate optimal height you should ask google for any Fresnel Zone Calculator and calculate it. Don’t use long cables from antenna to you access point. Access point should be as close to antenna as you can in germobox. Good luck anyways and thanks for good content. Cheers.

Tyler Nobile says:

surf no fins

Jacob Ukulele says:

Build a board with the fin in the middle

Gustav Lundeberg says:

put the fins reverse

Riley Edwards says:

Q&A are the howler monkeys there aggressive and if so have you had any problems with them

Maxine Holon says:

Hi isurftribe I was wondering if you had any tips for popping up using your toes to popping up with out using your toes (basically popping up on a longboard where you can use your toes to popping up on a shortboard where you can no longer use your toes because they are hanging off your board) Thank you and your channel is really great!!!


Get atua to try step offs and tandem surfing with ki’ili would make for a sick video!

Tucker Carroll says:

Do a longboard fun in a shortboard

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